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Sunday, December 01, 2002

Torch Passing

Thanksgiving dinner at Sarah's house marked a generational shift in our family--it was the first time someone from our generation hosted the holiday. Sarah and I grew up having Thanksgiving at our grandparents' house in Greensboro. Nothing ever changed in their dining room--same paintings, same furniture, same decanters of red wine on the side table, same rituals and menu, same Lessie the cook, grandaddy at one end of the table and grandmom at the other, year after year after year.

Then, when Sarah and I were in our twenties, Thanksgiving moved to our parents' house. We lived only a mile or so from our grandparents, but the shift felt seismic to me. Our mom took over and our grandparents became guests. This tradition endured through some hard things--the year our father was dying and his absence thereafter, the slow declines and eventual deaths of our grandparents--and through some good things, including four grandchildren and a new marriage for mom.

Now, after more than 15 years, Thanksgiving has a new home in our family. I've spent two Thanksgvings in my 40 years apart from my mom and sister; the feast may become movable, from Richmond to our house and back, but the tradition is unbroken.

Dog Day

I wrote my column about dogs, with the focus on Luna: "to anthropomorphize her would be to waste an opportunity."

How Good is Carolina?

After beating Stanford, the Heels are 5-0. They are athletic and poised, two things they were not last year. They are developing a bench. They could lose to Illinois and Kentucky this week and still be ahead of schedule, but unrealistic expectations are already forming in the hive-mind of Tar Heel fandom.

Political Weblog

Jim Capo, who used a weblog while running for the NC Senate this fall, has started blogging the meetings of the Guilford County board of commissioners.

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