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Monday, December 23, 2002

Drive, We Did

We drove to Jersey yesterday to spend Christmas with Lisa's family. For years we took either I-95 thru Richmond or US 29 along the eastern side of the Blue Ridge, but both routes have come to mean hellish traffic from DC to NY, especially post-9/11. So this time we went up the Shenandoah Valley on I-81 and approached Jersey from the west--slightly longer in terms of miles but much less crowded and more beautiful as well. In doing so we traced in reverse the old Philadelphia Wagon Road, by which our part of North Carolina was settled by Scotch-Irish and German immigrants in the 1700s. We passed Natural Bridge, VA, home to my great-great-grandmother Cone, and numerous Civil War historical sites, plus Harper's Ferry and Gettysburg. Of course, we passed all this interesting stuff at speed, but I still bored the kids with a little tour-guide patter along the way.

A Good Win

The young Tar Heels get a road win in the ACC, and show some bench strength in doing it.

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