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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Clear as Fog

Charlie Babcock's Foggy Mountain Report: "Some of the hits on this site come from music lovers looking for a favorite country western or bluegrass group. Others come from outdoor enthusiasts looking for their equivalent to London Fog in outside clothing gear. We don't do bluegrass and we don't sell coats. This is the Foggy Mountain Report on Internet software, where everything is perfectly clear."

Lotts of Trouble

So it turns out that Trent Lott made almost the same remarks about Strom Thurmond in the past that he made at Strom's 100th birthday party. My soon-to-be former senator doesn't see a problem. But other aspects of Lott's history on race are shady.

In 1997, I wrote a column about a group to which Lott had spoken: "Make no mistake about the St. Louis-based Council of Conservative Citizens: this is an organization that proudly promulgates racist views. The CofCC likes to dress up its message in sophisticated language and hold its conferences in fancy hotels, but its core ideology would be in the mainstream at a Klan rally. Even the name would seem to be a deliberate echo of the segregationist Citizens Councils of the '50s and '60s."

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Where's the Party?

Dave Winer is writing about a weblogger conference. It sounds great, I'll try to go--which raises the question of where this shindig is going to be held. The Bay Area is the logical place, given Dave's address and the region's status as tech mecca and blogging hotbed. But it's far away for a lot of us, probably prohibitively so for some. NY poses the same problem for west-coasters, although it might draw more bloggers from Europe. I know Dave likes New Orleans...

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