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Friday, December 20, 2002

Intimations of Mortality

A friend got CT-scanned: "As they put me into the big white doughnut I thought, fuck, this is how it ends these days, no matter how good the news is this time [and it was fine], sooner or later they slide you into the scanner and show you your impending death. I was kind of bummed out. But then I thought, fuck, it used to be that one winter they decided you were spent and left you behind for the wolves. And that somehow made me feel better, although reading it here now I can't figure out why."

Sending God the Wrong Message

The News & Record doesn't carry The Boondocks, not even on the opinion page with Doonesbury, but some days I think they should--even if it means dumping that hilarious Beetle Bailey.

Another One?

North Carolina congressman Cass Ballenger says he's had "segregationist feelings." My favorite quote, per his feelings that the media hounded poor Trent Lott: "What we need is to go to war somewhere, and then you'd have something else to write about."

Basketball Notes

A good day-at-the-office style win for the Tar Heels last night, the kind they couldn't count on last year. A challenging stretch begins Sunday with an ACC game at Florida State.

I'm on my way to the Y to watch Elijah play in the 11-12 league. Last week his team, the Lakers, got shelled by an AAU team that came into the rec league whole and should have been broken up. I told Elijah it was a chance to learn with dignity. He would like another team to learn that lesson tonight.

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