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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

After the Storm

Power is restored to large numbers of North Carolinians, although more than 335,000 homes remained without electricity as of last night, including almost 40,000 in Greensboro. Guilford County schools are back in session. The Governor has asked Bush to declare North Carolina a disaster area.

A report on WUNC said that Spanish-speaking immigrants living in NC were particularly hard-hit by storm-related health problems such as carbon monoxide inhalation from lighting grills indoors, in part because the few Spanish-language radio stations went down in the storm and safety information was hard to find. The report said that there are now almost one million Hispanics in North Carolina--an incredible increase in just a few years.

Veterinary Report

Luna got spayed today. She is groggy but fine. My sister assures me this is harder on the people than on the dog. I hope so, because I'm a mess.

No Home Delivery

Our newest local newspaper, the Greensboro Patriot, has opened for publication. But the website is ridiculous--they expect you to download an enormous PDF for each section--no article by article browsing--and on the two computers I used, the files were corrupted and couldn't be opened anyway once the long download was complete. I'm trying to track down a print copy. Hope this is just start-up jitters.

No Longer Overrated

Carolina takes its second loss and settles to number 22 in this week's polls. That feels about right to me, and it's better than we could have reasonably hoped for just a month ago. But fans aren't reasonable, so I'm satisfied instead of ecstatic.


Our new Treasury Secretary comes from the dynamic and profitable...railroad industry? Who gives a Hootie where he used to play golf, his experience in 19th-century transportation is just not inspiring. Meanwhile, Trent Lott also seems to find the past a congenial place to visit.

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