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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Kaus Kinda Credits Blogs

Mickey Kaus warned about "blogger triumphalism" after weblogs helped keep the Trent Lott story alive, but now he's on the bandwagon, with the caveat that webloggers are themselves led to stories by emailers--in this case, he suspects, email from Sidney Blumenthal. Of course bloggers make use of sources, tips, and touts...they're reporters.

Sick Day

I worked from home today because I had some crummy stomach flu. So dazed this morning that I watched some of "Scrooged" on TV and started to get choked up when the Tiny Tim analog speaks his line. Luna is not supposed to get on the bed, but having her there made me feel better. I wrote for a few hours--my usual agony over one or two grafs and then speeding through the next few--as I have to file a feature to the Mad Genius tomorrow.

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The Elephant in the Corner

Why is everyone acting so surprised about the racist bedrock beneath much GOP rhetoric? This stuff has been going on for decades. Jesse Helms leveraged that truth into thirty years in the Senate. Now Josh Marshall wants to know how far the post-Helms, post-Thurmond, post-Lott housecleaning will go: "Should Ashcroft get a pass for some of the same stuff that's ending Lott's career?"

Meanwhile, Paul Krugman writes about the GOP's other open secret: "prominent Republicans have a soft spot for theocracy."

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