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Thursday, December 19, 2002

Give Bush Credit

W is making chicken salad out of that chickenshit dropped by Trent Lott. The GOP will have no moral authority on race without repudiating its worst impulses on the subject. If Bush can lead his party to a position of moral authority on race, then the Democrats will have to become more accountable and less reliant on the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world; blacks vote Democratic because the GOP keeps chasing them away, not because the current black Dem "leaders" are so compelling. The more Bush can change that, the better for the GOP and for the country.

Andrew Sullivan tackles die-hard rear-guard Lott defenders (just one day after I did).

Go Mary Jo

Mary Jo Foley is a really talented journalist (full disclosure: we worked happily together at Baseline) who devotes most of her professional energy to a single topic: Microsoft. Now she has a weblog to complement the newsletter she writes for our mutual employer, Ziff Davis.

Turnover in Coble's Office

Ed McDonald, the chief of staff for Howard Coble, is leaving to work for the new Governor of Maryland, his home state. Ed was always helpful and professional as I reported on the P2P Piracy bill this summer and fall. Don't expect the change to soften Coble's position on the bill--he's promoting from within, and his staff was pretty hard-line in support of the legislation, even before Howard Berman said he would change it. (Thanks to Derek Willis for reminding me of this news.)

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