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Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Ignoring Inconvenient Facts

Defenders of Trent Lott show a sad consistency, arguing that his ecnomium for Strom was misinterpreted and blown out of proportion, and that anyway it was a one-time thing that should have just faded away. You have to give these guys some credit--it takes a real act of will to ignore completely the ample evidence of Lott's long history of flirting with racists, and to pretend not to understand the problem of having a Senate Majority Leader whose history has now been made explicit instead of just understood.

Depends What You Mean by "Mass"

I assumed that the dearth of further coverage indicated that the "weapon of mass destruction" found on a Greensboro man Sunday night was not a suitcase nuke. Now an email from Lex Alexander, who once covered the crime beat, tells me that cops define WOMD differently than, say, Hans Blix--it could have been a mere sawed-off shotgun. That's a relief--it's nice to know that the heavily-armed men fleeing past my office are not packing real heat.

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