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Saturday, December 28, 2002

Republicans Remove Link

The Guilford County Republican Party, outed by the News & Record for posting an anti-Islam link on its website, apologizes and takes the link down. Irony bonus: GOP chairman Marcus Kindley has a letter in the paper today saying his post-Lott party has dealt with its issues and the Democrats are now the ones who need to clean up their act.

Two Towers

We finally saw The Two Towers. It rocked. Gollum is perfect. The battle at Helm's Deep and the sack of Isengard were most gratifying.

Geekish quibbles: Why were there elves at Helm's Deep? Why is the movie Elrond such a jerk? We know from the books that he is half-human himself, but in the films he's like a WASP who compensates for a Jewish ancestor by being an anti-Semite. And Elijah Wood is so wrong for the part of Frodo, too young by many years, and all he gets to do anyway is roll his eyes back in his head and look nauseated, as if the One Ring was giving him really bad indigestion.

Misery in Manhattan

Carolina, minus three of its top six players, delivers a lackluster performance at Madison Square Garden and loses to Iona. Worse, Sean May has a broken bone in his foot and will miss most of the ACC schedule. 

Home Again

Back in sunny NC from snowy NJ, reunited with Luna, with whom Elijah and I are now going to go for a long walk.

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