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Friday, December 13, 2002

Disaster Areas

President Bush declares parts of North Carolina, including this part, a disaster area. Thanks, we need the money and the help.

The headline from the same News & Record story -- "President Recognizes Extent of Disaster" -- could apply as well to the Trent Lott fiasco. (Paul Krugman credits weblogger Joshua Marshall for pushing the Lott story forward; Mickey Kaus blogs that it would have broken big anyway and decries "blogger triumphalism.")

Thanks, Boss

Mrs. and Mrs. Bruce Springsteen gave $10,000 to the Greensboro Urban Ministry. This follows his donation of a couple of tix to his recent concert, which were auctioned for more than $2,000, and a nice long plug for the Urban Ministry as he sat at his piano before the soldout Coliseum.

Certainly the need is there. The early winter and terrible local economy have stretched the Urban Ministry's resources. G.U.M. and its director, Mike Aiken, make me feel a little less squeamish about W's funding of "faith-based" charities. Full disclosure: I am a member of the Urban Ministry board.

Hidden Messages?

If you play Eminem backwards, does it tell you to beat up Moby

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