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Saturday, December 07, 2002

A Landscape of Ice and Splinters

The aftermath of the early winter storm brings more bad news. One of the dead here in Greensboro, Weddie Huffman, was an old family friend who was mentored by my grandfather. Weddie, a veteran of D-Day, also had the distinction of playing in the only Rose Bowl game held outside of Pasadena.

Meanwhile, almost a quarter-million people in our part of North Carolina are still without electricity, and Duke Power is saying it might be Wednesday til they can get it back on for many folks. The Governor has activated the National Guard to get people into shelters.

No blogging from Steve MacLaughlin since Thursday's excellent suggestion that we all just take the rest of the year off--he may be among the many in his part of the state still without power.

Things are fine at our house, fortunately. Luna and I walked for an hour this morning. There are still many opportunities to bust your butt on black ice, but we did OK. Oh yeah--the forecast is for another storm next week.

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