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Wednesday, December 25, 2002


Lots of snow, already more than the 6" the TV is now telling us we will get here, as much as our kids have ever seen outside a ski resort.

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White Christmas

It snowed a bit here in the Jersey suburbs of New York, and Elijah and Sydney and their cousin Logan are out playing football in Nana and Papa's backyard. Elijah has on the #24 Raiders jersey (Woodson) he got last night, and a Santa hat. Ooops, he just tried to tackle Syd in the snow, but she blew right by him. We did Christmas Eve as usual at the home of one of my mother-in-law's cousins, with about 40 people ranging in age from 1 to 75. For a nice Jewish boy from North Carolina like myself, the whole Jersey Italian Christmas is a multicultural awareness event, and the food is really good, too.

Merry Christmas

That's what I say around this time of year. I say it to other Jews and to Christians. I say it to my Buddhist friends at Osaka's sushi restaurant. "Happy Holidays" feels lame and deracinated, plus it is a phony attempt to include Hannukah as the Jewish Christmas, which it is not. I love Christmas on several levels--as an American secular holiday, as a family occasion, and even (although I don't embrace the theology) as a reminder of the birth of Christ, who did some fine work that has been rather abused by many of his followers. So, Merry Christmas from all of us at EdCone.com.

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