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Monday, October 07, 2002
Protecting the Homeland: New Report

The Task Force for National Security in the Information Age has issued a new report entitled, Protecting America's Freedom in an Information Age.  Governor Leavitt is the most prominent public sector member on the task force and the report obviously reflects some of his views / ideas.  The reports seeks to answer three questions:

  1. What information and which analytic methods do we need most in order to protect Americans at home?
  2. How can government better employ the best private sector practices in managing information and developing technology?
  3. How should the U.S.government task its agencies to more effectively gather,analyze,and use the national security information it needs,working with the private sector?And what new boundaries to such deployment of information are needed to protect essential liberties?

The report references the Governor's mainframe vs. network analogy and uses the UOPSC example:

In hosting the 2002 Winter Olympics,Utah created a Utah Olympic Public Safety Command, handling dozens of venues and entry points.With resources from the State of Utah and the Pentagon ’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency,an extraordinary Incident Management System linked —in real time —local and state law enforcement,fire and emergency medical services,and a variety of federal and military agencies.It worked flawlessly.

The incident management system used during the Olympics was eTeam.  The State is currently analyzing eTeam along with several additional incident management systems as options for a more permanent incident management system.

The New York Times also weighed in this morning with their analysis of the report.

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