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Friday, October 18, 2002
Homeland Security Analysis - David Stephenson
David Stephenson has written several interesting homeland security articles in the Boston Business Journal, the Journal of Homeland Security, and the Miami Herald.  In a presentation given at InfoWarCon 2002, Stephenson argues that homeland security requires "internet thinking."  Stephenson is right in suggesting that XML technology can play a signification role in the homeland security information sharing effort.
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Infragard of the Wasatch - November Meeting

The next meeting for the Infragard of the Wasatch has been scheduled for 11/21/02. The meeting will be a luncheon meeting starting out 11:30 am or 12:00 pm. The exact location and exact time has not been fixed yet.  The guest speaker will be Ken Watson, Manager, Business Development Group, Critical Infrastructure Assurance Group, Cisco Systems. The proposed title of his speech will be "Critical Infrastructure Assurance" and will cover:

  • Critial Infrastructure Assurance Group (CIAG) mission,programs, history
  • Partnership with Federal, State, local, and internationalgovernments
  • Partnering with critical industry sectors
  • Development of the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace
  • Current issues and challenges

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The Regional Information Sharing System (RISS) is viewed as a component of our developing homeland security enterprise IT project.  There are six RISS centers nationwide, with over 6,000 law enforcement agencies participating.  28 CFR Part 23 outlines the regulations governing the data and systems supporting RISS. 

NLECTC produces a weekly newsletter that summarizes technologies used to support criminal justice throughout the nation.  Here's yesterday's issue.  They also produce an interesting quarterly publication called TechBeat.

I also just learned about the CyberScience Lab. Its mission is to:

  • Encourage collaboration among government, industry, and academia to address cybercrime and technical issues.
  • Facilitate cybercrime training.
  • Distribute cybercrime technology tools to State and local law enforcement agencies.
  • Heighten awareness of cybercrime using the NLECTC-Northeast Regional Advisory Council as a delivery system.
  • Provide technology assistance as requested by State and local law enforcement agencies.
  • Share a computer forensic tool knowledge-base from government and industry with the NLECTC system and State and local law enforcement agencies.

NLECTC recently posted a directory of their Rocky Mountain staff.  We should use these people as a resource in developing our enterprise project. 

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Bureau of Industry and Security
According to its guiding principles, the mission of the Bureau of Industry and Security (US Dept. of Commerce) is to protect the security of the United States, which includes its national security, economic security, cyber security, and homeland security.  The Bureau states that it will seek to enhance its relationships with state and local government officials and first responders to national emergencies.  The Bureau focuses on export controls.  At the state level, we can help business understand what those are and how they may be affected.
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Governor Leavitt on yet another Homeland Security Committee

On Wednesday, Tom Ridge announced the appointment of the several individuals to serve as members of the State and Local Officials Senior Advisory Committee to the President's Homeland Security Advisory Council.  The State and Local Officials Senior Advisory Committee was established by Executive Order 13260 of March 19, 2002. The purpose of this committee is to provide the President's Homeland Security Advisory Council with advice on increasing America's security from experts representing state and local government. Governor Michael Leavitt of Utah will serve as Chair.  In other words, the Governor will chair a committee that reports to the Advisory Council which he is already a member of.

Also on Wednesday, the National Governors Association announced the formation of a Homeland Security and Emergency Management Division, a move the group said would better help state governments design and implement defense, response, and recovery plans.  According to FCW, the new division will focus on prevention of and response to natural disasters, as well as agricultural, biological, chemical, cyber, nuclear and radiological terrorism. Anne Beauchesne, who will head the new division, said she's working on a paper outlining the initiative, which will be explained in greater detail by Gov. Leavitt when he briefs newly elected governors in mid-November.

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