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Monday, October 28, 2002
Hacker Attacks Up at Hill AFB
The Deseret News reports that cyber attacks at Hill AFB in Utah are now up to about a million a month.  Computerworld calls this the "golden age of hacking" and reports the availability of new hacker tools and an increased interest in wardriving.
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UEN Summit
Last week, the Utah Education Network hosted a technical summit.  The three day summit focused almost entirely on security issues and included courses on topics like "hacking 101", security tools, firewall implementation, etc.  It looked like a great agenda with about 180 people, mainly from public education, in attendance.  I'm hoping that State government can partner for the next summit which is being planned for March 2003.
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The Federal government is doing a good job of looking at business process as they develop an enterprise architecture.  The Federal Enterprise Architecture Program Management Office (FEAPMO) has created a business reference model that looks at government functions independent of agency and organizational structure to facilitate the mapping of enterprise egovernment initiatives and streamlining of business process.

Scheduled for release later this year:

Dr. John Gotze calls the Common Reference Model a "must read."

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Dale Murphy for Governor?
Dale Murphy is considering a run for Governor of Utah.  If Governor Leavitt decides not to run, Murphy would certainly be an interesting candidate.
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Renewal Express
I just finished renewing my vehicle license online using the State's Renewal Express application.  Last year, I didn't get to it until the last day of the month, so Renewal Express was a real lifesaver.  I wouldn't consider doing it any other way now.
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Knowledge Sharing in Education
Jim Flowers is suggesting that CIOs and IT Directors in public and higher education should all develop a weblog similar to Phil Windley's.  He goes on to conclude that extending this to the instructional level would produce tremendous opportunities.  I think he's right.
7:24:53 AM    
NASCIO Live from St. Louis

Phil Windley is providing live updates from NASCIO on his weblog.  Not much to get excited about yet, but the conference runs through Wednesday.  I'm looking forward to a report on Stephen Cooper's keynote address this morning at 9:00 am.

Jim Flyzik announced federal IT homeland security priorities last Thursday at FedFocus 2003:

  • Consolidating the criminal and terrorist watch lists
  • Deploying a Homeland Security Department portal
  • Setting up secure videoconferencing
  • Setting up secure Internet expansion to share information with state and local authorities.

We're doing some great things to push that vision forward in Utah.

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