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Saturday, January 04, 2003

Blog-buddy System

One of the challenges in getting people from truely different walks of life to take up blogging is finding a mentor.  Most new technologies require informal network support.  While blogging tools are becoming easier to use and you can find help on a message board, its something else to have someone to give you technical or cultural advice from the outset. 

With the Blog Tribe we have lots of people interested in starting weblogs from very different backgrounds and locations.  I am thinking of starting a Blog-buddy System, which lists tribe members willing to mentor new bloggers.  While this would be a great cultural practice in blogspace in general, we have a unique opportunity to help the Ryze community and demonstrate its effects to blogspace at large.

This is hardly a new concept, my daughter had a buddy in kindergarden from the 5th grade, and they are great friends.

If you are a tribe member and would be interested in potentially being a Blog-buddy, please email me or note so in the comments field.

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Udell's Ozzfest

A conversation with Ray Ozzie. In a conversation with InfoWorld Test Center Director Steve Gillmor and Lead Analyst Jon Udell, Ozzie discusses the unique nature of disruptive technologies, the role of collaboration tools in the workplace, and the emerging law of unintended consequences. [Full story at] ... [Jon's Radio]

  • On distruptive technologies [see Jon's 10]: All disruption comes from a soup of elements from which unintended consequences can result.
  • On how "attention rendezvous" can boost group productivity by an order of magnitude: Mutual selfish behavior yields a greater-good outcome.
  • On mesh networking: The key technologies that sit on the shoulders of Wi-Fi are then synchronization -- because if you have multiple devices and you're dealing with many people with multiple devices, synchronization is key -- and Web services -- because you're going to want to have your devices requesting programmatic services of things on other devices.
  • On decentralized synch vs. centralized storage: In the corporate world, all the regulatory compliance is increasing the focus on centralized -- I don't think I'd call it backup -- auditing.
  • On using Groove as social software (with good examples): these parallel channels are really useful because we do have the ability, some more than others, to multitask, and sometimes that multitasking can be used to bring ... greater focus to the task at hand.

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Social Network Feedback II

More feedback on the mapping project:

Adina Levin on weblog clustering: The reason I get all all excited about weblog clustering is that the "winner-takes-most" aspect of the log scale graph is NOT what is most interesting about weblog networks... The weblog network is a mesh of communities with overlapping and shifting memberships; each subcommunity has its connectors and popular voices.When we focus on identifying the "most central node" of the network, we turn a world with multiple centers into a hierarchy.

Jim McGee: As I reflect on this particular analysis, I'm struck by the potential to find additional insight in mapping the bridges between multiple networks. Here we have a group who all belong to two explicit networks. How can we use these tools to get a better sense of how to more effectively navigate through half a dozen different yet interconnected networks?

Phil Wolff stereo-, um, well, arche-typing: Two communities (schmoozers and bloggers), two media (Ryze and weblogs), and mutual members... Ryze is a gregarious, directly-social space, blogging is a reluctant, indirectly-social space.

Andrea Janssen: So really this [blog data] is the network map of those 16 people, with others only entering the picture as far as they are of importance to them. Big difference to the friends network within the closed Ryze universe. Once you know it you see it - but to represent more adequately that this is a fairly small group with additional outbound contacts it may make sense to color-code those 16 differently.

Valdis Krebs: The Friends network has a good data set, the Blog network is missing a lot of data points -- no way to easily collect it. With directional data we can run a Gooogle-like metric[looks at connections but not content] and figure out 'BlogRank'!

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