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Thursday, January 23, 2003


Senate votes to block TIA!. The US Senate voted to block the Total Information Awareness program! The Senate accepted the Wyden amendment to the omnibus... [BookBlog]

One down, many to go.  Gives you faith.

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Micro-service: Classifieds
RSS Classifieds. rss classifieds. Rusty Coats: "Most of the RSS community is focused on content. That's great; so was the early Web. But feeding classified ads to aggregators is the next obvious step, and will prove to be hugely profitable for newspapers -- or whoever decides to do it first."
[Adam Curry: Adam Curry's Weblog]

This is a real - rubber hits the road - pragmatic usage of RSS. Certainly a candidate for another 'micro-content' type.[Marc's Voice]

But the point is that its not content.  Its a micro-service.  This differs from a Web Service, which is machine-to-machine.  A micro-service is machine-with-customer service conveyed via RSS.

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Distruptive Technologies

10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World. dsg writes in with a link to this Technology Review article about ten emerging technologies they believe will change the world. Some interesting predictions in the bunch. Mixed in with obvious predictions like "grid computing" are slightly more obscure things like "nano solar cells". These types of articles are always popular in January, and while no one ever seems to look back and see how accurate they are, they're still fun to read just to get your mind thinking about the possibilities. [Techdirt]

I like these lists for the same reason.  Here are the 10:

  1. Wireless Sensor Networks
  2. Injectable Tissue Engineering
  3. Nano Solar Cells
  4. Mechatronics
  5. Grid Computing
  6. Molecular Imaging
  7. Nanoimprint Lithography
  8. Software Assurance
  9. Glycomics
  10. Quantum Cryptography

Creating blood vessels is a huge challenge (Image: SUSUMU NISHINAGA/SPL)

In other news, we are printing cells...

Three-dimensional tubes of living tissue have been printed using modified desktop printers filled with suspensions of cells instead of ink. The work is a first step towards printing complex tissues or even entire organs.

"This could have the same kind of impact that Gutenberg's press did," claims tissue engineer Vladimir Mironov of the Medical University of South Carolina.



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