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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Email Signature Convention

I got sick and tired of clarifying if the contents of email I send are public or not.  This question is a natural when you are in blogspace.  So I added the following line to my email signature:

this email is: [ ] blogable [ x ] ask first [ ] private

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Enterprise Software Growth

Giga's March 2002 Market Overview for Enterprise Software forecasts the top eight applications, but what's more interesting is the bottom: 

The distinction between Portals and Enterprise Content Management will continue to blur and will together become a dominant category.  Portals are finally demonstrating their value proposition for increasing productivity by decreasing search costs.  Alternative modes of communication have matured and continue to experience growth.  And weblogs have yet to become part of the mix.

Risk Management is just as interesting of a story.  Its the one category of enterprise software that did not experience abnormal growth during the bubble, and the forecast isnt a hockey stick.  Today's one constant is volatility.  Software to manage portfolios, market risk, operational risk and credit risk is finding new markets.  Ranging from managing the risk of operational software failure to trading pollution credits.  Witness Derivatech's $7m in VC funding announced this morning.

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