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Monday, January 06, 2003

Adopting VoIP
VoIP is a simple idea and simply works [SATN]  Bob Frankston has convinced me to adopt VoIP in my home (Vonage) this year.  I'll save a bundle and fight the power.
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Change in Japan

The cycle of resistance to change in JapanJoi Ito  is developing a Blueprint for Japan 2020:

I have already shared this thought with Joi --  the need for Japan to embrace failure.  In a talk by MIT's Lester Thurow he pointed out Japan's institutionalized culture does not allow for failure:

  • A strong cultural emphasis placed on success without toleration for failure
  • Backward bankruptcy laws. Even if someone goes bankrupt they are still expected to pay their debts.  Allows creditors to pursue debts for two generations. 

Japan's aversion to failure is in stark contrast to the Silicon Valley, where lore used to have it that we reward failure.  Allowing failure enables a culture of risk taking.  Risk taking spawns innovation, which creates products that command premium pricing.  When a credit market does not allow default, it negatively impacts market prices.  This is perhaps a major factor in Japan's deflationary trap.

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Phil Wolff on SNA
The net amplifies social network analysis, according to Phil Wolff [commenting on my previous post], here's a summary:

Social network analysis isn't exactly new. Just look at epidemiology and heraldry, discipline for centuries. What is dramatically new is the digital network...

The net makes SNA cheap [for data collection]...:

  • Speed things up. Projects can be executed in a day, updated in near real time.
  • Scale large. Big networks, with hundreds of thousands of people, can be mapped.
  • Itirate. Time lapse studies show a network's dynamics. Now longitudinal trends and changes can be revealed.
  • Ingratiate SNA. SNA tools become polite, less intrusive by using existing digital artifacts and debris.

More, better, faster... So the net amplfies SNA both quantitatively and qualtitatively...

The world of microcontent has a role in this....That's why I want blogging and metablogging tools to embrace microcontent metadata and substructures; the better to support new contexts. [a klog apart]

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McAfee Acquires SpamAssassin

Network Associates gobbles anti-spam firm. The security software specialist buys anti-spam company Deersoft, the first in a series of planned acquisitions by the company to help people thwart unsolicited e-mail. [CNET]

"With Deersoft, we have acquired extensions to the leading open-source 'blacklist' application, and we will add applications that detect spammers even before they appear on blacklists, supplementing that with the ability for customers to filter internal content with very tight control," Art Matin, president of McAfee for Network Associates

Acquiring a blacklist filter technology (Deersoft is the maker of SpamAssassin) fits well within the McAfee subscription model and complements their anti-virus product line.  Like virus definitions, spam blacklists need constant updates. Look for Symantech to follow with its own acquisitions.  But blacklists are, at best, 95% effective and result in in false positives, and with spam volume increasing look for further extension into whitelist approaches. 

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