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Friday, January 17, 2003


We are beginning to see the life of distance.


Check out this project that maps GeoURLs. Howard calls this an instantiation of many-to-many information-in-places. [SmartMobs]

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Filter Failure

Will new filters save us from spam?. MIT Spam Conference eyes filters to destroy spam business model [InfoWorld: Top News]

In tests Yerazunis performed, MailFilter was 99.915 percent accurate in identifying spam. "I'm only 99.84 percent accurate at identifying spam, so this is much more accurate than I am," Yerazunis quipped.

I am happy for the filter freaks, but its mostly an academic exercise.

Filters are not a solution because they result in false positives, solution techniques are open, spammers adapt, and volume grows.  Legal solutions generally wont work because of juristiction, aside from putting bounty hunters on the task.  Its fundamentally an economic problem that requires an economic solution -- raising the cost of sending email, but having cost vary according to trust networks.  One day we might actually be able to accept these costs.

UPDATE: Video from the conference available. [via BoingBoing]

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Weblog Growth

Tim Jarret measures the growth rate of weblogs.

A week ago I thought that we might see an uptick in the slope of the growth of activity, as measured by the high water mark, in coming months. All it took was one little Supreme Court case to do it. The site hit a new high water mark yesterday that was more than 100 weblogs higher than the previous mark (during the MacWorld SF 2003 keynote; this is a hint that increased activity on existing blogs is a major driver of the high water mark). The figure of merit is now 2.8, back to where it was in October.

Note: the time period is approximately 1 year.

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