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Wednesday, January 08, 2003

Macworld bloggers lunch

Pictured left to right:
The second annual Macworld bloggers lunch was a success. Old friends caught up with one another, I met some folks that I've only read online, and we enjoyed a break from the crazy show floor at the Yerba Buena Gardens. We apologize for anyone that we left back at the convention center shortly after 1PM. We were a hungry bunch. We will have to catch you next year. [Jason Shellen]
Great to see Doc and Phil again, meet Jason in person and meet new _real_ people.
UPDATE: Another photo with Phil in his fight the power pose, courtesy Merlin Mann.

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The blog buddy-system has me introducing new bloggers to old ones.  What's great about the culture of blogging is the willingness to help others.  But what stinks about it is self-styled placement in a hierarchy that doesn't exist.  Luckily there is more of the former than the latter.

Look, nobody cares how long you have been blogging or what kind of traffic you have.  We are not competing for audiences nor mass acclaim.  In absence of a reputation system nothing keeps these egos in check.  Don't get me wrong, when you do and build over time its an accomplishment.  But please remember you are creating a culture, and culture shouldn't be a barrier.

The best bloggers have yet to blog.

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An article in Search Day highlights Touchgraph, an interactive graphing tool, and a couple of its applications.

  <-- A sample GoogleBrowser output of Peter Merholz's PeterMe blog as a hub.

The GoogleBrowser offers several sophisticated controls for refining your views. Unless you're fairly strongly grounded in graph theory, it's best to simply play with the defaults. Full instructions for understanding the graph and using the advanced browsing capabilities

Several other sites use the TouchGraph technology for different types of information. The Amazon Browser is particularly interesting, visualizing the "also-bought" relationships of Amazon shoppers. The PubMed Browser gives you visual relationships for medical literature in the Medline database. And the Google Set Vista is really cool, showing relationships between terms that Google uses to create conceptually related "sets" of words. [Search Day Newsletter]

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