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Daily link Friday, December 03, 2004

This morning I got a call. The conversation went something like this.


"Hi, this is one of your readers, my name is Nathan."

"What can I do for you?"

"I think I found a security problem in MSN Spaces."

Read on Nathan's blog what happened next.

Read on Mike Torres' blog the perspective from the MSN Spaces team.

I'm liking this team more and more. Thanks Nathan for reporting it too.

11:53:29 PM    comment 

I'm outta here. There's so much to write, but got a plane to catch. Talk later.

2:17:24 PM    comment 

I'm getting a lot of traffic from the Weblog 2004 award site. I'm honored. But, I'm certainly not the best tech blog out there. Interesting set of blogs up there, though.

2:12:07 PM    comment 

Oh, I can't start an MSN Spaces blog titled "Scoble's Cocktail Recipes." My former boss, Robert Hess, who does the very excellent Drinkboy weblog, noticed that one.

Dan Gillmor links to a few other words you can't put on your MSN Space.

On the other hand, wasn't it CBS TV stations that got a half-million-dollar fine for showing an out of focus boob on TV during the SuperBowl from the FCC?

I doubt GapingVoid would be welcome on MSN Spaces either.

Speaking of cocktails, I shared one or two with Engadget's Phillip Torrone and Peter Rojas last night along with my boss, Lenn Pryor. If you ever get to meet these three, they probably own, between them, every single gadget known to mankind.

They didn't have a Scoblephone, though. Hah!

2:09:01 PM    comment 

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