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Daily link Friday, December 24, 2004

Paul, that article has a more glaring incorrect statement. Bungie, and all the games group, isn't on the main campus at all, but rather has its own campus about five miles from the main campus.

7:17:12 PM    comment 

Om Malik checks out the "Lenn phone."

See, I got the lower priced Audiovox. But my boss got the one with the keyboard. It's cool too, but far geekier.

Truth is there's a hierarchy at Microsoft. The boss always has to have cooler toys than me. That's the rule.

My boss is Lenn Pryor, by the way. He's on vacation so we can talk some smack about him. :-) Hi Lenn.

7:13:55 PM    comment 

Nicole, your offer of late night Christmas eve treats and Kahlua sounds very tempting.

We need to do a geek dinner next Thursday night. Anyone game for a "last one of 2004" dinner in San Francisco somewhere?

7:09:57 PM    comment 

One of my 2005 predictions is coming true. Steve Gillmor's report on Attention.xml is included in Esther Dyson's Release 1.0. Thanks to Mike Manuel for letting us know the report is now available for $80. I'll have to check our corporate library and see if it's available there (I believe it is).

I wonder if the latest Gillmor Gang (released yesterday) has any more info on that?

7:06:30 PM    comment 

Larry Lessig is doing our book idea one better. He's putting the thing (his five-year-old book named Code) up on a Wiki and asking his readers for help in revising it.

7:01:50 PM    comment 

Just got back from a San Francisco trip. Shot some pictures of Patrick in front of the Golden Gate Bridge. Merry Christmas from California! Then we went to the Sony Metreon.

While there we saw the MaximumPC 2005 Dream Machine Tour (the tour is going other places next year, check the site for details). Awesome machines and great retail showcase of what's cool about Windows machines. Of course I took pictures of that too.

It's put on by MaximumPC magazine. Where's the RSS feed? While over checking out their site, though, I see that they have a couple of articles teaching how to program Visual Basic.

Hope your dream machine is under the tree.

6:51:47 PM    comment 

Shh, don't tell anyone I'm addicted to blogs or anything like that. But, got a few minutes before everyone comes home for dinner. I see Christopher Locke, aka "rageboy" asks "when god sleeps do we exist?"

Hmmm. Something to consider as you wrap presents this evening. Hey, what are you doing reading blogs? You're addicted too, aren't you?

Heh. Caught you.

6:43:37 PM    comment 

Well, I've done my Christmas Eve RSS run. A few new things are up on my link blog. Now I'm off to pick up Patrick. Won't be back on the blog for a while. I hope all of you, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, have a great one and thanks for enriching my life so much!

May lots of you get geek gifts tomorrow!

1:30:17 PM    comment 

Buzz Bruggeman, CEO of ActiveWords, tells a story of one of his customers who has a unique way of using Google to find out if there's anything negative to be found. That's gonna go in our book. It demonstrates why companies need to answer every question on blogs.

The Long Tail can slap back on Google.

1:27:55 PM    comment 

Anyone out in Eastern North Carolina who has a Toshiba Tablet PC that they'd be willing to show off? This blogger wants a look. Heh. I feel like a dating service.

1:25:40 PM    comment 

Is this how radio dies? Doc Searls covers the KFI radio tower's demise in Southern California. I remember listening to KFI on my radio when I was a kid (we strung a wire the length of the house to be an antenna. That sucker picked up stations all over the world).

1:17:52 PM    comment 

Kathy Sierra's new blog banner cracks me up!

Um, I wish both of those were true, but, alas, if you're looking for blogging to help in those areas you'd be better off doing something else with your time. :-)

1:06:08 PM    comment 

Another blogger conference. This one, called New Communications Forum 2005, will be in California and France. Personally I like the Blog Business Summit approach better. Why? They have a blog on the home page.

I told the audience last week that a good blog is authoritative and passionate. Same for conferences. If you're doing a conference for bloggers, or about blogging, doesn't it make sense to build your marketing around a blog too?

12:50:38 PM    comment 

Tom Mertens blogged some charity work that Microsoft employees in Belgium and Luxembourg participated in (built a site for a children's hospital). Wonderful stuff. That's exactly the right spirit for this season. Reminds me again why I love working where I do.

3:09:02 AM    comment 

Why would two guys get fired from their jobs at Apple, but keep working? The Graphing Calculator story is awesome. I've seen it on a bunch of blogs, but finally read it.

2:09:42 AM    comment 

The non-billable hour blog announces LexThink! An event where they'll get a bunch of people from law, business, technology, marketing, and consulting for a day and ask them to design a new professional service firm.

1:32:19 AM    comment 

Funny, I thought no one watched my photo blog. But James McMurry noticed there was a picture of me in the Apple store in Palo Alto taken the other night. Photographer? Steve Gillmor.

1:20:29 AM    comment 

Looking for a job? (A guy I know was laid off right before Christmas, so you aren't alone). Well, Paul Forster has started a search engine to help you find a job: indeed. There's an Indeed blog too.

1:13:58 AM    comment 

It's still amazing that Washington state's governor race will be decided by so few votes. Thanks to Mitch Ratcliffe for linking to the latest news and controversy.

1:04:52 AM    comment 

Merry Christmas. It's so weird. This year has just gone by so fast! I'm glad that most of you are spending your time with your families. Posting on blogs has definitely slowed down. I'm catching up on email. 271 to go. Whew.

12:54:34 AM    comment 

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