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Daily link Friday, December 17, 2004

Larry Osterman wrote me this morning and said "we lost a great one." So, on my way over to the conference I read his blog on my cell phone.

By the end of it I was crying.

Syon Bhattacharya died two days ago from stomach cancer. He was only 30 years old.

But, he did more with his 30 years than most people do with 70 or 80.

I never met Syon, but reading comments from his coworkers I can see that I'm far poorer for never having met him.

Thanks Larry for sharing Syon with us all.

8:32:32 AM    comment 

J.P. Stewart revealed, in an IM message to me, another innovation: the WikiCast. I left a message over there. Anyone can. You just need to know the phone number to call and leave a message. It's a mixture of a Wiki, dial in audio, and RSS/podcasting.

2:26:15 AM    comment 

Charlie Rose just said "blogosphere" on TV. He's interviewing Jim Kelly, managing editor of Time. He's the guy who'll decide on Time's "person of the year."

Personally I think it'll be Bush and Rove. That just makes sense.

2:04:18 AM    comment 

I talked with Ben McConnell tonight and he was raving about a new blog done by the producer of the upcoming King Kong movie. Well, just go over to Ben's blog and read all about it. Why should we listen to Ben? He's the co-author of the excellent "Creating Customer Evangelists" book.

1:43:40 AM    comment 

Cass McNutt asks whether I could hook him up with a Tablet PC. Hmm, you never know. But, I would love to talk with you. Who knows, I bet there's someone who lives within 20 minutes that could bring a Tablet PC over. Somehow people all over the world get ahold of me. Lee Wilkins just called from London. He asked "do you ever sleep?"

Lee is threatening to pay my way over to London for a geek dinner. He just emailed Hugh and they are talking now. This is a wacky world.

1:32:37 AM    comment 

More Microsofties join the blogosphere. Bill Anderson and Brad Anderson basically run the SMS Server team and they are blogging.

It'll be interesting to see how blogging evolves over the next year and how corporate leaders use blogs to share their vision for the future.

Well, I gotta get some sleep. Gotta be up early tomorrow.

12:57:14 AM    comment 

Mike Torres of the MSN Spaces team posted on the small improvements they just shipped today and the methodology they used.

12:03:08 AM    comment 

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