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Daily link Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Good morning, lots of news on the EU ruling today. I put a few things up on my link blog. Today will be light posting day. Be on the road most of the day.

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Jason Dowdell reports on last night's first Technorati user group meeting. Unfortunately I didn't make it. Talked with Dave Sifry before the meeting, though. Recently I learned a cool trick with my new Audiovox phone. If someone includes a phone number in their email I can click on that phone number to instantly dial that number.

Have I ever told you how much I love my new Audiovox phone?

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Fun parody of an Apple store of the future.

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You know why I was totally wrong about the way to beat the iPod? Because I didn't know the real reason that kids love them! Mitch Ratcliffe brings us the real reason straight from the head of the iPod engineering group.

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One interesting thing about doing a book in public view is that now folks who make up the infrastructure of the book industry are now contacting us. My partner Shel is dealing with the business part of the book and yesterday he met with an agent.

He tells me that several book publishers have also contacted him.

And this is for a project that's only 2.5 weeks old (a book usually takes six to 18 months from start to finish). Whew!

Anyway, tomorrow we will get setup with Skype. I'm gonna get Shel setup with OneNote too so that we can work over the Internet collaboratively. More to come soon. I'm going over Shel's house tomorrow to try to get some work done. I'll be recording the session.

Anyone know a good place to host podcasts of our book sessions?

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You know, sometimes I just need to get outside of the tech blogging world and see what else is there. I rarely visit Hugh Hewitt's blog, but did tonight. There he had a link to a chaplain in Mosul and posted on the aftermath of yesterday's deadly attack in Iraq. What emotional writing.

You know, some people think I am taking a lot of flak this week for stuff I've written. It doesn't even compare to what people are going through over there. It's just so sad and so pointless.

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