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Daily link Thursday, December 16, 2004

Joshua Marshall, of Talking Points Memo, is looking to get his hands on a Tablet PC. Joshua, where do you live? I bet there's a Tablet PC user (or four) who would love to show it to you.

Joshua, I'll see if I can work it out so you get a look at a Tablet. If you want, call my cell phone number and I'll help you out (it's on the right-side of my blog).

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Why do you stay friendly with PR guys? They talk about you on CNBC (he was on last night)! Thanks Steve Rubel for doing that! Who said PR is dead? Not me.

He also is reporting that Time Magazine is considering bloggers for "man of the year."

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Christopher Hawkins (the guy who took on Joel) says his blog helped get him a job. Congrats!

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Toby Bloomberg covers what happens when a blog conference aimed at marketers gets blogged.

I'm looking forward to speaking there tomorrow. Gonna talk about how blogging is changing how companies will market themselves.

One pushback that we had was "one blogger doesn't matter." Um, go ahead and keep believing that.

Avalanches sometimes start with a small insignificant snowball.

The problem is, you don't know which snowball will end up turning big, or which one will just roll to a stop. So, you've gotta treat each one with the same seriousness.

But, it really is a mistake for a blogging event not to have been using a blog to market themselves. Why did that hurt? Not just credibility was hurt. But Google ranking was hurt too. But, that's what we'll discuss tomorrow with the marketers.

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The developers have been busy this week! DopplerRadio delivers a new beta. Tons of new features. This is my favorite podcaster. What about you? Which podcasting software do you use and like?

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Today at about 3 p.m. 99 people representing 33 countries became American citizens. My wife was one of them. I have the photographic proof on my photo blog.

Congrats Maryam! I'm so proud.

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Engadget shows how to get podcasts and videos on your Windows Mobile Smartphone. I should rename mine the "Enns phone." After all, he was on the team that built it. I just am a lowly customer.

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My brother, Alex, is an IT guy for a Silicon Valley law firm. He's in talks to get Blackberries for the lawyers, but wonders what the implications of a legal dispute between RIM and NTP will be on Blackberry owners.

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Christopher Hawkins takes on Joel Spolsky. Stands up for independent consultants.

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Let's be honest. As much as I like NewsGator, RSS Bandit, SharpReader, and FeedDemon (they each have their advantages) the RSS News Aggregator that'll work for the mass market HAS to be built into the browser.

That takes us to today. OnFolio just shipped a beta of their new RSS News Aggregator. It's awesome.

It works on Firefox or IE. It gives Dave Winer his all-in-one-page newspaper view that he's been asking aggregator makers to give him. Lots of fun little features. Search, built in. It's actually a little database running on your desktop. Very nice.

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Tablet PC users, there was an Office 2003 update released recently which improves ink recognition.

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I'm getting a ton of email on this one.

Microsoft Acquires Anti-Spyware Leader GIANT Company.

We really need to do better on this. I can't wait to learn more.

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Greg Reinacker of Newsgator visited me today and gave me a demo of NewsGator's online services. They've done a lot of work recently -- and the services are now free. All sorts of little geeky things like now I can build a blogroll that automatically keeps up with what I do in NewsGator in Outlook. I see I have some cleanup to do.

So, now I have NewsGator running on all my machines and my SmartPhone too. Having them all synced up makes life nice. Plus, if I read my blogs on the Web I can rate the posts as well. Look at Greg's blog. You can rate each of his posts. Is that useful? It is later on when there's lots of ratings.

I still use NewsGator to do all my reading. I think Greg finally talked me into using search folders to read all my feeds too. We'll try that for awhile and see how it goes.

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Addy Santo: Seattle is a Bloggers Mecca.

Hey, and Chris Pirillo and Dave Winer didn't even show up.

More reports: Anita Rowland took names. Jon took pictures.

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