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Daily link Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I'm coming out of blog vacation because Think Secret is reporting that Apple is going to reveal a sub-$500 Macintosh at its MacWorld Expo in early January. Ahh, I wonder if this is what my brother-in-law was thinking about when he told me to be at Macworld?

That's impressive and now I wish I had predicted that we'll have free PCs by the end of 2005. Heck, you can get a SmartPhone on Amazon for nothing right now. In fact, Amazon will give you a $25 check to take one away.

Why not free PCs?

Speaking of predictions, Don Box has some good ones. I don't think I'll be on the cover of a magazine anytime soon, though. But, I bet someone involved with Longhorn development will be.

Speaking of Macintoshes, Dori Smith (the one who got me into blogging) talks some smack against John Dvorak.

Oh, while I'm breaking my vacation vows, might as well get a plug in for Channel 9. We sat down with XML's co-creator Jean Paoli and the video is up now.

Meet the Macintosh team at Microsoft

Oh, heck, one more. Here's a video that was supposed to get aired later this week, but this seemed like a good time to give my readers a sneak peek. I'm gonna get this up on Channel 9 tomorrow. But, one team at Microsoft isn't worried about a low-cost Macintosh at all. Who is it? The Macintosh Business Unit. Here's a video tour of the Macintosh team at Microsoft. What do they say? The best way to run Windows is on a Macintosh! Steve Friesen hosts the 25:20 tour of the Silicon Valley part of the team.

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