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Daily link Sunday, December 05, 2004

Jeremy Zawodny at Yahoo asks whether I'm in the same boat as him (do I treat my personal blog differently from Microsoft's corporate blogs). Absolutely! I don't feel as free to post on Channel 9 as I do here. Why? Because when I'm on Channel 9 I'm representing 57,000 people and have greater legal, moral, and ethical responsibility for what I write there. Here I'm representing only myself.

And: "Haven't they (or Scoble) ever noticed the way bloggers latch onto stuff like this and blow it out of proportion?"

Oh, I have. In fact, I'm just jealous that I didn't notice it before Boing Boing did. :-)

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Dana Epp is here. We're watching the Apprentice (a reality TV show done by Donald Trump). Ivana got fired. Dana and I fired her about 50 times before Donald did.

Now we're looking at Hewlett Packard's digital photography commercials (the actor pulls prints out of thin air) and Dana says "that just rocks."

Some quick hits:

Michael Connolly, of the MSN Spaces team, talks about comment moderation on MSN Spaces.

Speaking of MSN Spaces, Eric Rice is podcasting there as an experiment.

Iain McDonald is one of the most colorful characters at Microsoft. He ran the war room for Windows XP, among other things. And now he's blogging. We've gotta have him in the book. His insights into management are wonderful. After all, who else would you go to learn stuff about management than a guy who ran a team of thousands of people that went on to make a very successful product.

Another Microsoftie turned on a blog over the weekend. Jana Clark. MVP'ers will know her (she was one of my favorite people to deal with back before I was a Microsoft employee). She's working on community applications now (Chat and Blogs). Nice to see more of our 57,000 employees join the fun.

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Oh, Mike Torres, of the MSN Spaces Team, just wrote that the profanity filter on MSN Spaces' comments has been "fixed." Didn't go into too much more detail. Personally, I hope they just get rid of the filter. It bugs me, even though I don't use those kinds of words very often.

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David Hewson is an author and writes about his office and the tools he uses. Now, I'm off to play with my son before doing the usual Oakland airport to Seattle deal. Two hours of driving. One hour in the aiport. Two of flying. Whew. I make it fun. I count how many computers I can see in the airport. And I take pictures of the new monitors at the Oakland airport.

Other pictures? My dad at dinner. We recently learned he has a degenerative kidney disease. Not fun. Might have to do dialysis soon.

My son, pigging out on pizza yesterday (that's where the limo took us).

Kian, the wonderkid. My nephew-in-law. He has so much energy.

Maryam's mom and Maryam's brother (the one who works at Apple). Yeah, his bosses at Apple know about our connection now. I tried to get him drunk yesterday to see if he'd leak anything juicy about Apple. Didn't work. Just kept saying "don't miss Macworld next year." Damn, even the engineers there know how to market.

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Heather is looking for non-geeks to meet with. Oh, Heather, you gotta meet my wife! She's just like you. We should have you over on the red couch.

On the other hand, if you want to have a meeting with a geek in Seattle, this is the week to do it. Let's see, on Monday, on Microsoft's main campus, Jim Blizzard is speaking at the .NET Developer Association. On Tuesday at the Crossroads, Anita Rowland and the Eastside Blogger Meetup is happening. On Wednesday night, same location, there's a Media Center dinner. On Thursday night, Jian Shuo Wang is visiting from China. So we're throwing him a geek dinner too. All at the Crossroads. All open to the public.

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We're both "shel"shocked. Wow, great reactions over the Internet. I took yesterday off to spend time with the family. Same today. Dana Epp is staying with us this week. It's gonna be an interesting week. Sorry for not answering everyone's email. I have about 200 to get through. I will try to do that on the plane on the way home tonight.

Yesterday my brother-in-law (the one who works for Apple) took us in a limo to Capitola (hey, Apple's stock has gone up about four times since I joined Microsoft so he deserves to splurge a little). What a treat for the kids. He did it to raise my mother-in-law's spirits because she's having knee replacement surgery this week and she always wanted to ride in a limo.

Today I'm gonna hang out with my son and try to ignore the constant flow of email. It's not easy.

Yesterday had a wonderful Channel 9 interview with another Microsoft team too. Oh, this is gonna be a fun one. I can't talk about it, but they are working very hard to make sure that Santa has a little gift for all of you that you'll like. I hope they get it done, I was very suprised at it. Speechless, actually.

Well, hope you all have a great Sunday.

Oh, one other thing. It's becoming pretty clear that I need to slow down my link blog if I'm going to focus on this book and keeping my family life somewhat sane. I hope that's a decent tradeoff, but it's one I need to make.

CorporateBloggingBlog reacts to our book project and misunderstands something. He thinks that another book project is more exciting simply because it calls itself an "open source book." Um, hello. What do you think ours will be? It's going to be done 100% in the public. Oh, you mean his book will be distributable for free too? Well, here's a clue: anyone who wants our book will be able to read it online for free. But, here's the rub. If you want your boss to read it, he might not get into it online. He might want a paper one.

So, open source online. And a revenue model for distributing it to Amazon and Borders and Barnes and Noble.

See, for every blog reader there are millions of non blog readers.

So, what we're doing is matching up the best of the old school and the best of the new school. THAT'S exactly why Shel and I are gonna make a great team. Even if we fight occassionally about things.

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