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Daily link Monday, December 20, 2004

My link blog is back up, but we're having some troubles with the algorithm that chooses the portion of the post to include there. Kunal's working on it. It might be a good time to go to full-text. Kunal, on the other hand, wants to go to titles only. Uses a lot less bandwidth. So, we'll probably play with the format a bit. Kunal put up a new design which looks nice, too.

It's still an experiment, though, and since I need to spend time on the book (and catching up on email) I still am looking at just what to do with it.

Your input is greatly appreciated.

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I gave a talk on Friday at the American Marketing Association meeting in Seattle. Toby Bloomberg says some overly nice things about me and the other speakers. It was an interesting group to talk to.

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Are you a Skypecaster? Stuart Henshall is.

9:29:50 PM    comment 

Jariwala Divyesh: Google and trust. Interesting points.

Some things you should compare MSN Desktop Search on:

1) Does your desktop search index your browser's cache or history? MSN Toolbar Suite doesn't. Why is this important? Because if your desktop search does then people who have access to your computer can easily search for passwords, where you've been in the past (do you really want your kids to know that you've been on porn sites?) or other things.

2) Does your desktop search send any data back to the mother ship? MSN Toolbar Suite doesn't unless you ask to be part of our customer experience feedback system.

3) Does your desktop search share anything between different users of the machine. MSN doesn't. Not sure about others.

4) Are your desktop search's indices obfuscated so that even an administrator on a machine can't simply use your index file to search for your stuff?

5) Do you have control of the downloads on your machine? MSN Toolbar Suite pops up a "toast" message that lets you know that an update is available and the user must explicity choose to update.

Your desktop search system might differ. You might want to look into it.

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Peter Torr is in a high-flow state too, wrote: How can I trust Firefox?

9:16:32 PM    comment 

Barry Dorrans says I owe the WM team an apology. If I hurt their feelings, I'm sorry. On the other hand, this thing is driving more traffic and more opinions than anything else I've written lately.

The mail continues to pour in. My piece was translated to German. Ice spreche kein Deutsch!

Michael Gartenberg writes: "I don't think it was insulting as much as it was naive."

Vik Dendi (he works at a Microsoft competitor): A cool Microsoft.

And the comments continue to pour in. Thanks to all for an interesting discussion. It certainly has made me smarter.

11:20:55 AM    comment 

More on my "note to the boss:"

Johnnie Moore: Forget Lovemarks.

Corporate Blogging Blog: How much internal discussion can you have in a corporate blog?

By the way, neither Kunal nor I can post to the link blog right now. We're working on it.

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