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Daily link Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Apple replaced its home page with a message to Tsunami victims. Kudos!

Personal note to Microsoft employees: visit http://give/GiftMatch.asp (that's only available to MS employees -- click the "give now" button) and donate there. Your donation will be matched by Microsoft.

Brian Sullivan demonstrates how bloggers can put Amazon's donation panel on their own blog.

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A few more:

1) Amazon: good job putting a one-click "donate" button and huge link on your home page. We should do something similar at Microsoft -- we're working on our response. We've already done some help in Sri Lanka, from what I'm hearing on internal mailing lists.

2) I'm getting a lot of requests to link to a donation page. I've done it about a half-dozen times already on my link blog. Amazon has a great approach: one-click donations.

3) Steve Rubel and my boss are in BusinessWeek talking about video blogging.

4) Paul Thurrott says that John Dvorak is right about the Macintosh.

5) I'm posting lots more on the link blog.

Remember the geek dinner Thursday night. See you all there.

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