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Daily link Monday, December 13, 2004

MSN this morning announced the MSN Toolbar Suite which includes Desktop Search. Let's travel the Internet and suck up the best and worst links. First, it's at A video demo and interviews with the team is up on Channel 9.

Darren Barefoot: Forgive me for being underwhelmed, but maybe this should have been in the frickin' operating system years ago, eh?

Jan Tielens took my reviewers guide and filled it in.

Joe Wilcox, over on Microsoft Monitor, says he's still having performance problems. He calls it MSNFS.

Jonathan Hardwick: Leave it alone (among other tips)

J. Gregg Thomason: This whole stupid search craze is just a symptom of what's wrong with the industry.

Zmarties: "I'm pleased to see implements "search as you type."

Patrick Tisseghem: it looks excellent.

Joel Ross: It doesn't install on Windows 2003. So I can't tell you anything about it.

Peter Laudati: While Google search still rocks on the Internet, MSN has clearly got a better product when it comes to the desktop!

Paul Thurrott: reviews MSN Toolbar Suite.

Bradley Johnson: Two months late to Google Desktop party. Yes, trust is an issue in desktop search.

Buzz Bruggeman: It is working great.

Shannon: Looks like MS has a real product here.

I'll watch for more reactions. Feedster is down right now, which is slowing me down a bit. Plus I'm really tired and off to bed.

10:03:52 PM    comment 

Good evening. First, let's get the fun stuff out of the way.

Someone made a shirt for those of you who think I'm a vacuum cleaner.

Now, onto the fun linking. Off to find the best and worst reaction to MSN's announcement today.

9:07:46 PM    comment 

Jay Flugel ran into Steve Ballmer at a basketball game. Of course he blogged it. Why do I say that? Because Jay's a lead PM on the MSN spaces team.

Hey, Jay, why didn't you ask Ballmer when he was gonna open his own MSN Space and join the blogging fun?

5:24:34 AM    comment 

Zmarties adds nine more things onto my Desktop Search Reviewer's Guide.

3:46:57 AM    comment 

Notebook Review does an indepth review of the Tablet PC I use, the Toshiba M200. Here's a quote: "I know, game playing is not what a machine like the M200 is targeted at. But the fact the M200 plays Half Life 2, the biggest and most demanding game of 2004, so well really speaks to the power that Toshiba have packed into this unit."

Thanks to Christopher Coulter for sending that along.

3:07:50 AM    comment 

Oh, a new way to feed your ego! PubSub recently introduced LinkRank. Here's mine. This is cool. Boing Boing has more detail.

2:29:15 AM    comment 

I wonder what happens to Tim Bray's browser market share graph after I link to him.

2:07:53 AM    comment 

Adam Barr, who works at Microsoft (two times, in fact): "I also don't like Scoble's response, which is full of enabling language and only serves to justify Microsoft making the same mistake again and again."

12:28:20 AM    comment 

Dave Sifry and Gnome Girl, you have a customer complaining about Technorati.

Gnome Girl, er, Cheyenne, works in tech support over there.

Update: Dave writes in comments here that he's on it. Only took a few hours. Given that it's 3 a.m. that's really cool customer service.

12:22:34 AM    comment 

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