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Daily link Saturday, December 11, 2004

Here's how I know that Scott McNealy doesn't read my blog. If he had, he'd have known that photo was a hoax. Why? Because I fell for it too, albeit back in September.

Maybe CEOs should read more blogs? I note that the list of CEO bloggers is getting longer.

11:41:43 PM    comment 

Newsweek: The Alpha Bloggers.

My wife's answer? "You're just a goofball."

On this article's theme, who is the best undiscovered blogger?

11:09:14 PM    comment 

My friend Vikram Dendi, links to Beagle, the open source searching engine and Dashboard, a search engine for Linux that'll find you things that'll help you with what you're working on. Those are Nat Friedman's projects. Nat is one of the guys working on Linux at Novell.

And so starts the week of search news.

Is anyone doing a review/comparison of desktop search engines?

10:50:03 PM    comment 

Hugh Macleod, the advertising guy who draws funny cartoons on the back of business cards and who keeps feeding my ego by saying nice things about me, is in London and is organizing a blogger meetup.

10:34:00 PM    comment 

CharlieO tells how you can get a Scoblephone, er, Audiovox SMT 5600, for better than free from Amazon.

10:27:39 PM    comment 

Volker Will: "So, you’ve never heard about Podcast? Never mind, Podcast is yesterday. PiMCast is the new means by which we will consume information, learn about new technologies and hear AND SEE snippets from other people’s lives in the form of video downloads for our Portable Media Center (PMC) devices."

I've been PiMcasting to my Audiovox cell phone (which can play videos, photos, and audio files). Channel 9's videos are all available via an RSS feed. I use DopplerRadio to shove those into my shared folder that gets transcoded and put on my cell phone. Very cool.

10:21:01 PM    comment 

Mike Torres writes that MSN Spaces is hiring. I ran into Dave Massy the other day. He works on the Internet Explorer team. He says they are hiring too. Oh, so is the .NET team. Kit George gave me a tour of the BCL (Base Class Library team) and he told me they are hiring.

What's needed? Developers and testers.

Want to develop a product that hundreds of millions of people will use? That'll be built into Windows? Well, check out the Jobs Bloggers at Microsoft.

By the way, these jobs are all here in the USA. Not only is Microsoft hiring, but I know an HR person at Cisco. She says they are hiring. My friends at Yahoo and Google and Apple say that they can't find enough good people either.

Zoe and Gretchen (the two jobs bloggers) told me that Microsoft currently has almost 5,000 jobs open, a large percentage of which are here in the USA. So much for the belief that our software development jobs are all going overseas.

9:12:15 PM    comment 

Do you think the constitution should mean something? Well, read John Perry Barlow's account of his defense after he was arrested on an airplane.

8:46:46 PM    comment 

Shel sent me this one: Allan Jenkins' code of blogging ethics.

Sounds great. I think that for the book we should do a chapter on "blogging best practices." More and more companies have been writing to us asking for help on policies and guidelines.

6:15:50 PM    comment New file system has long road to Windows.

Yup, I agree with Muglia. It was a mistake to talk about WinFS before we knew it would ship. I know a few people over on the WinFS team, though, and still am a big supporter. I want to store the info from tens of thousands of feeds on my hard drive and I want developers to be able to build systems to scour through all that data and find patterns.

I'm doing that manually right now, and it's something that a new file system would be very helpful for. Yeah, you don't need a new file system, but having all that data in an easily-queriable system would make it a lot easier to build new kinds of apps that'd find patterns.

What do I mean? Well, for instance, I noticed a few people talking about Green Day on their blogs (they just got seven Grammy nominations). Rock and roll group. Based on the amount of chatter in my blogs, I decided to buy the album. And, the blogs didn't let me down, awesome album.

But, what other patterns exist? Most humans won't want to read 1,000 blogs just to find a cool new album to buy. Right?

For now, finding patterns in an information store is too hard. It'll be interesting to see what technology is built to help us out.

Now, you might say "there's server-side services to do just that already." You'd be right. Google's new "suggest" page is really just showing us patterns in their huge database, right? But, why can't I have something like that for the feeds that have been downloaded to my hard drive?

Actually, on Monday, we might just have an answer for that too. The MSN search team is announcing something and they have opened up their teleconference to the public. Also, I'll have some videos up on Monday. The upcoming week is going to be a big week for the search industry.

6:08:11 PM    comment 

Ahh, what a nice day. The sun is out. In Seattle? In December? I saw Mt. Rainier for the first time in a few weeks. Glorious.

Anyway, survived my first Microsoft holiday party. The evangelists were partying. Had a group of DJs (one of the guys who works in our group is a professional DJ and brought some friends). We had fantasy gambling too. We each started with $5,000 fake cash. I got it up to about $4 million then lost it all on one hand.

5:43:41 PM    comment 

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