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Daily link Monday, September 05, 2005

As we were driving home from Monterey Dave Winer demonstrated his new car's navigation system to me. Guess what? It has bugs. But what's funny is that Dave had already internalized the bugs and had reprogrammed himself to deal with them.

Here's an example. We programmed it to take us to the closest Starbucks. It took us off the freeway an exit too early and made us go on a convoluted path.

Dave dutifully went along for the ride. Listening to the computer. After all, we had no idea where we're going.

But he says that on one trip he followed the computer, even though he had a sense it was taking him the wrong way (the computer is programmed to avoid toll roads, it turned out, and took him through the side streets).

What's frustrating is there's no way to report a mistake. So, everyone who has Toyota's system is doomed to repeat the same errors. Think of the gas and time that's wasted due to these new systems (or that is going to be).

Another thing that bugged me? Everytime you get in the car you need to agree to a EULA. Thank you frivolous lawsuits!

Another thing? We searched for Starbucks at least four times this weekend. Every time Dave needed to spell S - T - A - R - B - U - C - K - S out completely.

Why can't the system learn after a few times that you're a Starbucks freak and just permanently put that in the memory. Dave even went further. He'd like the system to say "you're near a Starbucks, wanna go there?"

Myself? I want the In-N-Out pack! Heheh.

Oh, we are gonna be swearing at our car navigation systems. I still can't wait to get one in my next car.

One other thing? I'd like to get rid of that annoyingly pleasant female voice. She always is saying please and things. Never gets frustrated.

I'd like to replace the voice with something else. How about the Eminem pack? Your navigation system could swear at you like a rapper. Oh, wouldn't that be fun?

Dave and I through around some other ideas. Dr. Phil, for instance, might say "you'd feel better if you took the next left."

Ahh, yes, that's what we need. Navigation systems with personality!

12:35:21 PM    Mudpit 

Tom Evslin: A brilliant idea for helping Katrina victims.

"Stuart Henshall at Skype Journal has a brilliant idea for helping Katrina victims put their lives back together through restored communications."

I agree.

12:22:56 PM    Mudpit 

Corante's Copyfight has the details on an Australian court decision on KaZaA.

12:19:03 PM    Mudpit 

On the way to dropping my son, Patrick, off with his mom we heard on KGO radio a story about a contest about workers that got fired. The guy who won, a developer, got fired for eating pizza. All the stuff on

Yeah, I know I'm the last blogger to link to this. Sue me.

12:17:22 PM    Mudpit 

The Katrina Peoplefinder Project is being talked about today on a bunch of blogs. It's using volunteers to scrape data and merge it into an interchange. About 15,200 records have been entered manually by volunteers in less than 24 hours, according to the WorldChanging blog

Jon Lebkowsky is one of the volunteers. So is Ethan Zuckerman.

Nancy White says that ThinkNola is doing something complementary and different.

The Worldchanging blog (Dina Mehta is a contributor) says that KatrinaHelp is another effort that they started.

My hat is off to all those involved in these efforts. Major kudos.

11:43:00 AM    Mudpit 

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