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Daily link Thursday, September 22, 2005

1:50:27 PM    Mudpit 

Six Apart has announced the future of its blogging tools. Code-named "Project Comet" this looks very intriguing.

1:47:34 PM    Mudpit 

David Berlind, over on ZDNet, asks an interesting question: Shouldn't Google Alerts include blogs?

Personally I like Memeorandum for how it mixes pros and bloggers together.

1:04:00 PM    Mudpit 

Did anyone say "crappy wine?" Heheh! I'm an expert on crappy wine. Hey, Hugh, can't wait to try your crappy wine.

As for reviews, I always remember that the San Jose Mercury News gave the original Star Wars a two star rating. We all know the kind of success that went onto. Look at it this way, by getting called "crappy" by (update: a blogger who works for the BBC) you not only got the BBC someone interesting to talk about you, but you got onto Memeorandum. I know a few wine makers and they tell me that the hardest part of their jobs is simply getting noticed. In a world where there are hundreds of kinds of wine at the local grocery store this can be quite tough.

By the way, I hear they are gonna be serving some of this crappy wine at the December 10 geek dinner in London that Hugh and I are hosting (amazing, there's already 56 people signed up). Maybe we should do a blind wine tasting and compare it to something that the BBC says is good and see how many people can pick out the crappy wine? Oh, we could have fun with this.

3:29:50 AM    Mudpit 

Buzz Bruggeman, CEO of ActiveWords, gave me a demo of what he demoed yesterday at DEMOFall and it's freaking awesome. Totally changes how I use the Tablet PC. Marc Orchant reports Buzz got a writeup in InfoWorld.

So, what did he demo? InkPad. What does it do? Well, you tell the system what to do with an ink entry. I handwrite "Dan" and it takes me to Dan Gillmor's blog. Handwrite DW and it takes me to Dave Winer's blog. Handwrite "NP" and it opens NotePad. Handwrite "Word" and it opens up Word. You get the idea. But this saves you a lot of time and makes ink entry a lot more useful.

Congrats Buzz for getting the buzz, sorry the network went down. Awesome product!

3:22:22 AM    Mudpit 

Damn, we can't catch a break against Mother Nature it seems. Hurricane Rita is aiming at Texas. That reminds me, gotta make a donation to Red Cross tomorrow. They are gonna need even more resources if this thing hits the way it's looking now. You can track Rita on Virtual Earth.

2:57:47 AM    Mudpit 

John Furrier is furiously posting podcasts from DEMOFall 2005. Here's his first day's worth of something like 18 podcasts. Whew. Good stuff!

2:52:42 AM    Mudpit 

Oh, this is cool. Microsoft is buying everyone a free ticket to San Jose's Tech Museum of Innovation on Saturday Ben Riga reports. If you've never been, this is a great chance. I love that museum.

2:49:32 AM    Mudpit 

If you're in San Francisco this weekend the Webzine 2005 event looks like a lot of fun.

2:47:14 AM    Mudpit 
2:44:51 AM    Mudpit 

Oh, this is too much! It's DJ Ballmer Fresh. Add a beat first, then click on Steve's sayings. It's how to freak out your office they are saying over on Channel 9.

2:42:49 AM    Mudpit 

The Webcast yesterday went great. Lots of people showed up. Here's a few of the reviews I've seen so far:

Brandon LeBlanc: This was a wonderful experience.

Susan Hernandez: fantasic WebCast.

The Wacko: Great webcast.

We'll do it again on Monday morning at about 10:30 a.m.

2:39:24 AM    Mudpit 

It's always interesting to me to see how people react to the videos I do. Here's Brian Madden who reviews a video I did with the Terminal Services team. It's always gratifying when people say it's worth the 200MB download. Someday the folks who run our server farm are gonna call me up and say "what the heck did you put on our servers?"

One thing I thought was funny. He was confused about who was doing the interview. I do the interview and the camera work on almost all of my videos (including the one with Bill Gates). That's one reason my camera work is shaky. Ever try to hold a camera steady, ask questions, figure out how to walk backward while walking the halls, and think of another question to ask next? It's not that easy.

One of my bosses says "can you please edit your videos?" Um, no. You think I'm a professional or something? Heh! Double my salary and I'll start editing the videos. :-)

2:20:54 AM    Mudpit 

Kunal, yeah, I agree, Superfetch and the demo of a USB flash drive was my favorite part of Jim Allchin's demo last week.

Here's some other PDC wrapups and Microsoft stuff that caught my eye:

Richard Macmanus, on ZDNet: Microsoft's opens up.

Kevin Ryan: Search THIS: Open Letter to Steve Ballmer. Microsoft employees should read this one. "It's not about the [expletive deleted]."

A pair of college students, one from University of Texas and the other from Berkeley started the Student Tablet PC site. Very cool.

Steve Makofsky has the Portable CE 2.0. This lets you go to any Windows machine, plop in a USB key, and fire up your own virtual machine that runs Windows CE.

Matthew Workman: The most ground breaking highlights of the PDC.

Eric Sibly: Shock and Awe - Delivered!

Kevin Schofield: Top ten Reasons Why I Love Microsoft. I'll match those 10 and add an eleventh: I get to work with guys like Kevin.

David Anderson (he works at Microsoft working on making us more agile): Troubling Entries at Microsoft.

I forgot to link last night to these two: Google Park the sequel. Makes me laugh! Jamie is what we call a "niner." He hangs out on Channel 9, is a very talented graphic designer, and is someone who makes that community a special place.

We walk through the PDC with my camcorder where we meet Tantek Celik (CTO at Technorati), get a look at robotics, food, drink a beer, meet lots of geeks, and get a look at the latest mobile stuff.

Kunal Kundaje shows off the WinFX poster that was being handed out at the PDC and gives his wrapup titled: awesome conference.

1:47:14 AM    Mudpit 

I'm printing this one out and will put it on my wall where I'll be forced to see it many times every day: User triangulation: how to listen to customers.

His main lesson for companies? Don't listen to Scoble. Well, he didn't quite say it like that, but his point is that influencers and early adopters aren't the folks you need to worry about. Great advice. It's why I love flying. That forces me to sit next to non-geeks and get their perspective.

I found this on Memeorandum's tech page.

1:30:47 AM    Mudpit 

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