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Daily link Monday, September 26, 2005

I'm watching the video of the Palm/Verizon/Microsoft announcement. That Treo looks pretty neat!

What do you think?

9:30:38 AM    Mudpit 

Also seen on Memeorandum: PubSub to measure blog influence by category.

Ahh, more fun with blog search ahead!

9:23:57 AM    Mudpit 

I was just reading Memeorandum and found this interesting article from Jakob Nielsen titled The Power of Defaults. There are a couple more links followed over on Memeorandum.

This demonstrates why being at the top of the first page of results is so important. I tell audiences lately that if you aren't on the first page of results for a query that you want to be known for that you simply don't exist.

Imagine if you're a plumber in Seattle. Imagine if people can't find you when they do a query for "plumber in Seattle." How much business are you missing? You'll never know unless you start advertising on the search engines and that'll cost you money.

9:21:58 AM    Mudpit 

Alex Scoble (hey, my brother is still blogging over on ComputerWorld!): New Treo to run Windows ... Hell freezing over?

12:23:39 AM    Mudpit 

Rick Segal answers the question "what's the best way to get hired?"

"Go code something."

Good advice. Have you coded something cool lately?

12:16:27 AM    Mudpit 

Memeflow Goto looks like a cool way to keep track of your favorite blogs.

That's done by Steve Lacey, who is a developer on the Flight Simulator team.

While over on Steve's blog, I see he's done a useful podcasting tutorial.

12:12:32 AM    Mudpit 

Just wanted to say that's new beta layout looks very nice! What do you think?

12:02:58 AM    Mudpit (reprint of the New York Times): Microsoft plans to sell search ads of its own. Thanks to Rick, one of my readers, for telling me about this. I didn't even know about the announcment on Monday, although I knew this was coming soon. Hey, it's a big company!

Ahh, this will be interesting to watch.

How will businesses judge the advertising?

Easy: do they sell product?

The team I was part of at NEC used to buy Google ads to sell Tablet PCs and PocketPCs and other things. We could track whether we got sales off of those ads and how much money we had to spend to get the sales.

For Web site guys like Chris Pirillo they'll need to see what kind of revenue sharing program there is. I don't know the details on the MSN plan, but am definitely gonna make some calls in the morning.

It's going to be an interesting week!

12:00:23 AM    Mudpit 

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