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Daily link Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Michael Lehman is posting tons of podcasts from the PDC.

Jackie Goldstein is talking about ADO.NET on .NET Rocks.

5:11:35 PM    Mudpit 

The PDC blogging is starting to roll in now as bloggers get a chance to blog. Lots of photos on the PDC05 Flickr feed and the PDC Flickr feed. Lots of blogs on the PDC Blogger site.

4:56:59 PM    Mudpit 

MSN shipped the MSN Developer Center yesterday.

4:21:56 PM    Mudpit 

Steven Sinofsky gave me a set of knives today. I didn't quite get what they were for (I had to miss his keynote to post videos). But, after reading Silicon Valley Sleuth I get it. Report a bug in Office, get a knife. They are nice knives too!

4:17:44 PM    Mudpit 

Check this out. The Virtual Earth team did flyovers of the New Orleans area before and after the flood and shows you in great detail what New Orleans looks like now.

Chandu Thota has been putting in lots of late nights trying to get this done. It just turned on an hour or two ago and Chandu has more details here.

3:44:40 PM    Mudpit 

Microsoft unveiled a bunch of Windows Workflow stuff today.

I have some videos over on Channel 9 that introduce you to the team that did that, and Joe Wilcox over on Microsoft Monitor digs in.

Joe also covers the other Office announcements we made today. InfoPath and server integration. There's a lot here. I have lots of teams to interview over the next few months to dig in more.

12:13:31 PM    Mudpit 

Scott Guthrie: Atlas Unleashed. Scott's the guy who runs the Atlas team.

12:07:25 PM    Mudpit 

I just shipped five more videos. Designers and Developers will want to watch the Sparkle one. Even if you hate Microsoft you can see how the development team is changing. I'll have a higher quality downloadable version up later today.

It's the rise of the graphic designer!

11:09:56 AM    Mudpit 

MSNBC: News on a Map.

What do you think? Neat way to view news from around the world.

2:45:18 AM    Mudpit 

Deep Ganatra: The hype created about PDC is totally worth it.

Niels Hartvig: Amazing first day at the PDC.

Well, thank you Deep and Niels. Not everyone agrees.

Geek News Central asks "where is the big news?"

Well, geeks, here's the scorecard.

1) Office 12 demonstrated publicly for the first time. Tons of new features and new UI.
2) Windows Vista features demonstrated publicly, including search integration, new performance enhancements, new sidebar.
3) LINQ (Language INtegrated Query). Cool database stuff for .NET developers.
4) Windows Presentation Foundation/E. "E" for everywhere.
5) updates released.
6) Atlas (our AJAX Web development toolkit) demoed for first time.
7) Microsoft Max. A new photo sharing and display application.
8) Digital Locker. A new place to find, try, and buy software.
9) New sidebar and gadgets and new Microsoftgadget Site.
10) Coming later today? Sparkle. A new way to build Windows applications.
11) Coming later today? Lots of server stuff.
12) Coming later today? More Office stuff.
13) Coming later today? Workflow stuff.

Among other things. I hear MSN has some stuff for developers. I hear the Virtual Earth team has some stuff coming out. There's some identity stuff coming. And more. I'm forgetting a bunch.

2:38:35 AM    Mudpit 

Nick Sieger: Microsoft, stop charging for the tools.

Provocative post asking Microsoft to help out developers.

2:20:07 AM    Mudpit 

We messed up during the keynote yesterday. During Jim Allchin's keynote he told everyone a limited number of the HTC phones were going to be sold. That caused a bunch of people to get up during the keynote and run out. Of course they sold out before the keynote was even over. Rick Segal has the lowlights " If you assume I-mate offered up a limited amount, it is, in my opinion, totally lame for MS to hide behind, sorry, itís all they would do. Thatís just stupid planning. You allowed another company to piss off your clients. Dumb."

Agreed. I've got email in to people involved. I'm sorry. That wasn't well handled and if I had been involved I would have done it at the very end of the keynote, I would have made it a lottery if I couldn't offer it to everyone, or even better yet I would have made sure I could have filled every order. By the way, Microsoft employees were not eligible to buy them at the special price.

2:15:04 AM    Mudpit 

Google blog search just gets better. Do a search for a generic term, say, "camcorder."

There's a lot less spam on Google search than on other services. Here's a search for camcoder on Technorati. I'll let you compare, but the Google search is a lot better to me.

Let's try a few more.

Quilting. Technorati. Google. I like Google better.

But, not all is lost for Technorati. Technorati seems to have more up to date results than Google.

Back to doing advanced searches. I just did a search for "PDC" that contained either "Day One" or "1." Google's result seems a lot better than Technorati's.

Now, it might be unfair to compare only Technorati to Google's result set, but I could go on all night and compare them all and I just need to get some sleep. I'd love it if someone did a comparison to all the blog searches out there.

2:01:03 AM    Mudpit 

Todd Bishop of the Seattle PI has an interesting interview with Bill Gates.

1:24:37 AM    Mudpit 

Google blog search with a query for any blogs that are linking to Channel 9. Wow. Fast. Fast. Fast.

Let's try a link to a specific blog post. Who's linking to the Office 12 video I posted today? Turns out 21 blogs are. I don't see any duplicates.

Let's go to Technorati and do the same query. First off the result took more than five seconds. The Google query took less than half a second. This is a HUGE deal for me. I can get a lot more searches in because Google is so much faster. Oh, and Technorati has 20 links.

I like Google's design too. Very simplistic. Some might like Technorati's better, though.

Oh, with Google's blog search I can see 100 results all on one page. I don't see how to do that with Technorati. So, actually, Technorati's page is a lot slower even yet cause I have to do two searches to see all the results.

How about the same search on Bloglines/Citations? Slower than Google (but faster than Technorati). 20 links.

Google's the winner so far. I'll keep testing.

1:00:20 AM    Mudpit 

Google launches its blog search service, says SearchEngineWatch's Chris Sherman.

OK, let's try it out.

First, let's try my name. Hey, an ego search is a great way to tell whether something has a good algorithm. Why? Because you should be already familiar with the result set.

This one sucks. Sorry. Oh, wait, it's sorted by relevance by default. It still sucks. Velveetaland is the most relevant blog about my last name? Give me a break.

So, I click on "Search by Date." Ahh, this is much better.

But this thing really shines when you click on advanced search. For instance, I did this query for my last name that includes the word "pdc" in any of the posts.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Why wow? Because it's so freaking fast.

The speed is what kicks all the other blog search in the teeth. Oh, and you can subscribe to a query via RSS. Look at the bottom of the page.

Nicely done.

But, now, we have to do the hard work of comparing this to other engines. I'll do several more tests over the next few hours.

12:50:26 AM    Mudpit 

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