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Daily link Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Couple of Bill Gates interviews.

Jon Udell (podcast).

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Paul Vick covers what LINQ means to Visual Basic.NET developers (Paul's on the VB team). They also announced VB futures today too. Paul Yuknewicz has more.

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Paul Thurrott has a ton of PDC 2005 info and pictures.

I saw Paul as he was waiting to get in the hall this morning. He was among the first in line.

5:02:59 PM    Mudpit 

Umbraco is a free, stable and standard-supporting cms that is easy to use. Open source on .NET. I liked their RSS demo. Why? It started on my blog.

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Mike Snyder is even more impressed with Office 12 after attending an afternoon session today. Oh, wait until tomorrow. Steven Sinofsky is gonna do the keynote in the morning.

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Michael Coates reports on the WPF/E session. Yes, we have a version of XAML and Windows Presentation Foundation (aka Avalon) running on a Macintosh, among other platforms.

That was some of the news I didn't see leak out before the keynotes.

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Don Dodge writes about why Newsgator is a blog user's best friend. Hey, I use it too!

Speaking of NewsGator, they announced an API Developer Competition today.

4:33:41 PM    Mudpit 

Barry Gervin has a ton of LINQ resources.

4:29:20 PM    Mudpit 

Andrew Coates reports on the Virtual Earth session.

4:27:59 PM    Mudpit 

Microsoft announced the Digitial Locker today, a place where you can search, purchase & download hundreds of software titles from multiple retailers.

4:25:26 PM    Mudpit 

Adam Barr says that there's a new build of Monad available. Monad is a new command-line interface for Windows.

4:23:04 PM    Mudpit 

It's interesting to watch Google News when a big press event happens.

Microsoft More Aggressively Courting Developers. Four articles.

Microsoft offers free photo sharing tool. Six articles.

Microsoft thinks high end with Vista. 15 articles.

Gates Lets Loose More Details on Windows Vista, Next-Generation Office. 92 articles.

3:46:25 PM    Mudpit 

The ASP.NET Atlas site preview was turned on today. It's Microsoft's way of building AJAX-style Web applications.

Rich Ersek writes more about it.

3:37:05 PM    Mudpit 

I'm here with the team. They just turned on Fun site to play with. Add an RSS feed and try it out.

They also posted and are looking for feedback on all this stuff. They react fast and seem like they are adding new features every few days.

Scott Isaacs wrote a post: A Preview of Web 3.0. He also posted two sample gadgets.

Very fun stuff. By the way, Scott Isaacs is one of the guys who invented DHTML.

2:35:30 PM    Mudpit 

Introducing Microsoft Gadgets.

We'll have more to say on Gadgets later in the week.

12:25:23 PM    Mudpit 

I just loaded six videos up on Channel 9. The two that I think will be most viewed are the Office 12 UI video and the Windows Vista Explorer video.

Also there now are the AERO interface video, the 10 things devs need to know to build a great Windows Vista video, LINQ video, and the Internet Hearts video (a cool game written with Windows Presentation Foundation).

By the way, it's really weird, but I keep hearing my goofy laugh while walking through the hall. Turns out they are playing Channel 9 videos on all these screens throughout the hall. It's very weird. I hate my laugh. But I love my job.

12:23:05 PM    Mudpit 

Michael Gartenberg: Office 12 has new UI and cool RSS support.

I called Dave Winer to congratulate him since I heard RSS mentioned a ton of times and saw RSS on screen a ton of times (in the new Windows Vista sidebar, in Outlook 12, in IE 7).

12:08:01 PM    Mudpit 

Jamie is amazed by Microsoft Max.

The guys over on Channel 9 are posting during the keynotes.

Larsenal: "From what I've seen in the keynote, I'd have to say that Scoble was right--plenty of cool innovation that I didn't expect."

12:04:46 PM    Mudpit 

Today's the big day. The keynotes start at 8:30, but it'll be quiet from the conference until the keynotes end at around noon today.

But, you can watch the keynotes live on the Web.

I'll post six Channel 9 videos at about noon today (we'll post five or six videos every day for the next few days).

Watch the PDC Bloggers' site. This is a very active site since there are more than 1,000 bloggers in the audience here.

The biggest blog news will show up on Memeorandum Tech (that'll be a nice test to see how that new service works, especially as the bloggers get online after noon). Google News' Microsoft Page will be a good place to watch too (there's a TON of press here, but there's no news up yet because the news hasn't happened yet. It'll be interesting to watch this page as hundreds of press file their stories).

Oh, and of course all the Microsoft community sites will be good places to watch. Neowin. ActiveWin. Bink.

I probably won't have a lot of time to post today, but there will be plenty to read.

6:50:46 AM    Mudpit 

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