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Daily link Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Channel 9 news: Jamie uploaded another one of his GooglePark's. Made me laugh. Watch out Jamie, or we'll send the sales guys after you! :-)

Wanna sneak peek at the new Hotmail? Here's a video where you get a look and meet the team. In another video you meet Scott Isaacs, one of the guys who invented DHTML (and wrote the AJAX framework that Hotmail is using).

Hey, how did a Technorati guy sneak onto Channel 9? You'll see Tantek Celik about 1/3rd of the way through this video tour of the PDC tour where we get a one-minute pitch on Microformats?

Oh, and don't miss the Channel 9 Song. We've posted 36 videos in two weeks. Whew. I've marked my favorite 17.

Um, and on Saturday we'll be at the Computer History Museum getting a tour. We'll be there at around noon.

7:47:47 PM    Mudpit 

Steve Gillmor has fun with me: Scoble: Who's your daddy?

He wants me to admit that Jim Allchin is the one who killed Hailstorm. OK, Uncle! :-)

But while we're over on Gillmor's blog check out his other post: Running Silent.

That picture of Adam Bosworth, who works for Google, with a CNET journalist is sure to cause a few minor laughs down in the valley.

I like his observations on last week's news, though. Made me laugh:

Oracle swallowed Siebel
Skype swallowed eBay
Microsoft swallowed RSS
Salesforce swallowed Google
Sun swallowed its message

2:09:25 PM    Mudpit 

Big news coming this afternoon about Microsoft reorg. Steve Ballmer just sent us email, but I haven't seen the news in the press yet so don't want to get ahead of the news. I'd expect lots of news shortly.

Update, here's the press release: Microsoft Realigns for Next Wave of Innovation and Growth.

Here's's report.

Update: I am getting too rah rah. I pulled some of my comments here. What do you think? You can see what I'm thinking in my comments.

11:14:16 AM    Mudpit 

CNET is reporting that Symantec is reporting that Mozilla browsers are more vulnerable than IE (link goes to Memeorandum so you can see all the reaction).

Again, security is an industry problem, not a Microsoft-only one. We're far from being done on this front. I still am hearing of computer science graduates who've had no training on how to write secure code (and most have had only one class - which means graduates all need to go through remedial training on security before they can write code). Good chance to plug Writing Secure Code, Second Edition. It's an 800 page book. Contains a lot about what we've learned about security from our own security problems. Michael's classes are famous here. At one point to get everyone's attention he puts a few lines of code up on the screen and challenges the audience to find the buffer overrun. It's a rare day when he gets a good answer, I'm told. Have you read his book?

OK, OK, you think a Microsoft guy can't possibly teach you anything about writing secure code, right? Well, then, have you read Dana Epp's blog? He doesn't work at Microsoft and is following computer security and coding quite closely.

One of Dana's recent posts: User Account Protection (UAP) in Vista: Did Microsoft get it right?

10:48:09 AM    Mudpit 

Brian Theodore, who works at Reuters (we used to work at the same Silicon Valley camera store together back in the 1980s -- small world) just wrote me and told me that Reuters has a new site:

Their first project? Convert some of their text-based news to podcasts. Interesting. The voice isn't too computerized either.

10:21:12 AM    Mudpit 

Lots of Google news being discussed this morning on the blogs (it announced secure access and plans for its own WiFi service). I'll just link to Memeorandum so you can see the conversation.

9:41:04 AM    Mudpit 

Over on the FoxPro Wiki there's a Drew Speedie memory page and there'll be a memorial fund up soon on the tragedy page.

This really hit home for me cause my son is close to Brent's age. I hugged Maryam extra tight last night and can't wait to see Patrick on Friday. Why does it take tragedy to remind us of what's important?

Reading over the memories and the blogs I realize just how tight the FoxPro community is. Ken Levy is always bragging about how FoxPro's community rocks and it's times like these that I see why.

Can a father and son make a difference in the world? Drew and Brent did.

9:36:51 AM    Mudpit 

Michael Gartenberg: Windows Vista and Contextual Marketing.

"I've been asked if I really said that Windows Vista was going succeed or fail on marketing. Absolutely, but it's not just about marketing to be clear."

9:17:23 AM    Mudpit 

Gregory Galant is doing a podcast, Venture Voice, that explores how entrepreneurs build their businesses and live their lives. This week he is tracking how VideoEgg prepared for the DEMO Conference.

12:11:39 AM    Mudpit 

Jeneane, over in the comments on her excellent post about why CEO's should blog asks what would happen if I left Microsoft: "Does Scoble evengelize some other product (No, I meant I really love you honey), and how will that resonate over time…"

You must have missed that I evangelize non-Microsoft stuff all the time. Look at my posts over the last week. You learned about Memeorandum here. Google blog search. A couple of new video blog search tools. How the Apple iPod is sold out. And a bunch of other stuff.

I think you missed what makes a good blog: passion and authority. I'm excited by everything good that happens in the tech world, not just what comes out of Microsoft's walls. Oh, and I was evangelizing Microsoft's stuff long before Steve Ballmer handed me a dollar bill about three years ago.

But, that brings me to a new point. The second Global PR Blog Week is running now and there's some really excellent blogs being posted.

Here's something revolutionary: if you are only blogging to get good PR you're missing 9/10ths of blogging.


Yeah, you can still get some good PR by blogging. Believe me, I know. But now I'm seeing a whole bunch of other things kicking in. Better business opportunities are coming. I've had tons of people tell me they joined Microsoft at least in part because of our blogs and video communities. I've seen teams get much better customer feedback. You all are no longer saying just "you suck" but are saying "you suck and here's how to get me stop saying that." It's a subtle difference, but it's huge.

And there are other things going as well. The ROI is far better on doing a blog. You didn't miss that Bill Gates' video has been hit more than 50,000 times, did you? You know his total investment in time for that was about 17 minutes (it takes me about 20 seconds to setup cause I don't use any lights, makeup, or funky microphones and I don't have any crew other than myself)? Now, compare that to many of his other talks. I'll take the ROI of video blogging any day of the week. CEO's should think about videoblogging if they can't afford the time to write a decent length post.

12:08:33 AM    Mudpit 

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