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Daily link Thursday, September 15, 2005

Six more videos on Channel 9. Including a look at the new Networking stack, the new Audio stack, in Windows Vista and lots more. Very cool videos, hope you enjoy!

Mary Jo Foley: you should watch these two -- there's some feature discussions there that haven't been discussed anywhere yet.

6:45:44 PM    Mudpit 

Rick Segal, venture capitalist: Scoble’s Shock and Awe: score one for Microsoft.

Laurent Haug says Microsoft's overhaul is complete.

There's still 18 videos to come on Channel 9, so my two weeks of sleep deprivation experimentation continues.

Michael Gartenberg; I give MSFT a solid A.

Chris Pratley wrote a cool blog about combining your analog and digital lives with the next OneNote.

Oh, and want something shocking? Check out the Bill Gates video with Napoleon Dynamite. Here's the Digg thread. Different versions of the video are out there: Longhorn Blogs and Paul Thurrott (scroll down to see it).

5:04:02 PM    Mudpit 

ZUG, on Techno Rant says: "If you are into UI design and haven’t yet seen the video that Scoble posted on Microsoft’s Channel 9, prepare to crap your pants and go watch it."

4:52:02 PM    Mudpit 

ZDNet's Dana Gardner: Microsoft gives RSS a bear hug.

11:49:16 AM    Mudpit 

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