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Daily link Saturday, September 17, 2005

Before I take off for the weekend I'll be on Spike Radio starting at about 5 p.m. PT tonight. That'll be fun.

4:18:36 PM    Mudpit 

I'm gonna take off the rest of the weekend. My experiment in sleep deprivation is over. In the meantime, check out Memeorandum.

Oh, and I noticed a few people misunderstood when I said it had a whitelist. It does. But it also has machine learning. So, when a group of tech bloggers link to someone new it adds them to the list too. I notice that the quality (and depth) of the links is already improving.

What do you think of Memeorandum?

Gabe Rivera, the guy who built Memeorandum says that tech bloggers are too quiet on the weekends but that the political bloggers keep linking all weekend long.

3:34:31 PM    Mudpit 

Om Malik asks: What's up at Microsoft.

Speaking about that Napoleon Dynamite video, I hear that at the company meeting Microsoft employees will get to see a different version. Can't wait. It's my first real company meeting. Although I doubt I'll be able to blog that meeting either. All these meetings lately that I can't blog.

3:29:12 PM    Mudpit 

Wow, BusinessWeek named me as one of their favorite blogs. So many over-the-top things have happened to me lately. I don't know what to say. If this was a thank-you speech I'd focus on one person: Maryam.

Over the past month she's put up with a lot as I've poured myself into PDC videos and other things.

I'm back home, but she's not home yet (she visited her mom in Silicon Valley). She gets home tomorrow. I can't wait.

On the other hand, a new toy was at the door when I got home. Buzz Bruggeman got Slingmedia to send me a Slingbox.

Michael Gartenberg was over the top praising the Slingbox when I saw him earlier this week. It lets you watch your TV anywhere in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. Michael sold a ton of boxes when he pulled out a laptop in the middle of a party and started showing us CNN playing through his home TV.

3:24:26 PM    Mudpit 

Dustin Miller thought I really dropped the ball by focusing so much on blogs, RSS, and Wiki's in my Sharepoint interview. He has a good point and cleans up my mess by telling what really is important in the new Sharepoint.

7:38:32 AM    Mudpit 

Note to Dave Winer: I'm sorry, you should have been at the PDC. I didn't even realize just how big a deal RSS was going to become there and I screwed up by not pushing to have you there.

A couple things, though. There were very very few non-Microsoft speakers who get to speak on stage at the PDC. In fact, I don't know of any. That's sort of an unwritten PDC rule.

Also, everyone was invited to the PDC, but it was the kind of thing that people had to buy a ticket to. We sold the place out. I should have gotten Dave a ticket given his role in the industry and certainly given just how much RSS was there.

I held a panel discussion on RSS yesterday at the PDC (which I didn't plan, I just was asked to show up and moderate) and it certainly would have been better if Dave had been on that panel.

Anyway, where did we announce RSS support?

1) In the OS itself as part of IE 7.

2) In the OS itself as a gadget on the sidebar.

3) In the new Outlook as a reader.

4) In the new Sharepoint (it'll spit out all of its stuff as RSS). We discuss RSS, blogging, and the new Wiki functionality in this video.

5) In the new where the aggregator is getting more and more sophisticated.

6) RSS was driving all the plasma screens at the PDC. In fact, if you added your photo to our PDC05 Flickr site within about a minute that photo would start appearing on the screens all around the hall. All other information on the screens was also delivered via RSS. It certainly demonstrated very clearly how RSS can be used for far more than just subscribing to blogs.

Am I forgetting anything we did with RSS? I remember hearing the word RSS more than a dozen times at the opening keynote.

By the way, I screwed up twice by not having Steve Gillmor there either.

7:33:10 AM    Mudpit 

I'm not allowed to confirm nor deny my participation in Google's rumored Zeitgeist conference (That's Danny Sullivan reporting on the rumors and he says that participants aren't allowed to blog).

12:05:15 AM    Mudpit 

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