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 Monday, February 18, 2002

Spam and web-visible email addresses: Bait a spammer and see the results
A while ago, as an experiment, we buried a link in these web pages that would generate a unique email address on a blank page when visited. The reason the link was hidden was to reduce the hit count of the page to manageable proportions, so we could be sure that future email to this unique address could be uniquely matched to the IP address doing the scooping. Ayoye!

Julian Bond:There's a way of thinking that's developing in the media that to do Web Services you must fall into either the Sun or the MS camp with Java or .NET. or maybe IBM. This totally ignores, Perl, PHP, Python, Apache-SOAP, PocketSoap, Glue, BEA, Borland, Mozilla, and on and on and on. See http://www.soapware.org/directory/4/implementations for a listing of ~70 toolkit implementations...   

Mailing List and Web Site for ISO's Document Schema Definition Language (DSDL)
Ken Holman and Eric van der Vlist have set up a web site to support the ISO SC34/WG1 work on the Document Schema Definition Language (ISO/IEC 19757 - DSDL). DSDL will be a multipart International Standard defining a modular set of specifications for describing the document structures, data types, and data relationships in structured information resources. A public mailing list is now available. [Via The XML Cover Pages  

Robb Beal: Table-less CSS designs are for people with time to experiment, not for busy people shipping product for a diverse user base. C'est encore vrai...
[Scripting News  

UltimateZip 2.7 Beta Released, Gratuit. PowerArchiver est pas mal bon aussi (mais pas gratuit), il vient avec une interface command line en plus...
[Via BetaNews.Com  

OS X Server in the hands of a Linux geek
...I was recently tasked with the duty of moving our servers at work over to OS X Server two of which are Linux servers. This was the first time I'd ever used OS X Server so I thought it would be a good idea to share my experiences, some good, some bad.
[Via NewsForge  

Opposing visions: IBM's WebSphere vs. Microsoft's .NET [Via NewsForge: Open Source News  

Self-Shredding E-Mail [Discussion on Slashdot  

Paul Prescod: ...The fundamental idea is that every important data object should have an address so that it can be referenced. When you apply that technique to human communications you get Blogging. When you apply it to machine to machine communications you get a much more powerful type of web services...
Wow! [Via Eclectic  

Mike Champion on the REST argument:
  • requires nothing on top of HTTP;
  • scales to the full internet full of unreliable connections, non-server devices, high latency, etc. better than RPC without additional infrastructure investment or "reliable" protocols
  • leverages existing investments in search engines for discovery, cacheing for performance optimization, the universality of the URL/URI namespace, etc.
[Via Eclectic  

Karl Dubost: Une critique doit se faire toujours dans les deux sens. Il est hors de question d'être uniquement critique positif ou critique négatif, dans chaque produit, il y a du bon et du mauvais. C'est pour cela que je fais un grand bravo à Brent Simmons et Dave Winer pour avoir permis la création d'un thème Manila fait avec CSS et HTML 4.01. La prochaine étape : XHTML ? :)

Je fais parti d'un groupe qui travaille présentement à faire un template css/xhtml... à suivre!   

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