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 Friday, February 22, 2002

Leave a Message with XSLT
Kurt Cagle's put together an ASP and XSLT message board application. Cool!
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Personal Web archiving in the Hack the Planet discussion group.   

An old classic from Thomas A. Edison
Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
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Can AOL Make Money from IM
Now that instant messaging has taught us all to "lol" and "brb," there is a high-stakes race on to monetize the popular application. Can America Online's AIM win that race?
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ISOC-Québec vous connaissez? Moi je ne connaissais pas avant de recevoir un courriel d'invitation à leur assemblée générale. Vous pouvez consulter la mission de l'organisme dans leur site mais essentiellement on y parle de promouvoir l'utilisation de l'Internet au Québec et de faire connaître l'Internet Society (ISOC), ses objectifs, ses activités, ses enjeux. [Via pssst!  

But maybe we can all be big about it and admit that designing for multiple versions of multiple browsers on multiple platforms on multiple types of computing devices is just hard, damn it, no matter how you do it...
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W3C Publishes Specification for Voice Browser Call Control (CCXML)
The CCXML specification describes markup for designed to provide telephony call control support for VoiceXML or other dialog systems. CCXML has been designed to complement and integrate with a VoiceXML system.
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rssDistiller can extract rss feeds from most regular web pages. Je vais tester... j'utilisais stapler mais il est pas mal compliqué à configurer (parceque puissant)...
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The Canadian Governemnt is holding Cross country consultations on digital issues (pertaining to the copyright reform process). Disponible aussi en Français. La tournée s'arrête à Montréal le 21 Mars.
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