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 Wednesday, February 20, 2002

The battle over getting to know you
Web publishers and advertisers are in a tug of war over consumer data gathered in online ad campaigns, a conflict that could muddy the future of interactive marketing.
[Via CNET News.com  

Good discussion going on at cssThemes, now on tables without table tags...   

Apache Server Nears 2.0 [Discussed on Slashdot  

CSS Colouring Book
I hope you'll enjoy playing with these layouts as much as I enjoy creating them. Any feedback, comment, suggestion, kudo, flame, donation, thank-you note or love letter should be directed here or posted in the comment form. Thank you and have a good day!
[Via Meryl's Notes  

IM start-up on crash course with AOL
PalTalk, a tiny instant-messaging company that survived a brutal shakeout among its peers, is spoiling for a fight with the 800-pound IM gorilla, AOL Time Warner.
[Via CNET News.com  

CRML Expands the ebXML Specification
The ever-growing ebXML specification has been expanded a little further with the addition of Customer Relations Markup Language (CRML). CRML was developed by several members of the OASIS consortium and combines the previously developed specs xCIL and xNAL into one enhanced specification for customer relations. CRML potentially fills a need in a horizontal domain because it's not tied to finance or any other vertical, so it does meet some need. Je vais y jetter un coup d'oeil... c'est intéressant si ça se sépare bien du monstre ebXML...
[lu dans XML Magazine, un de mes must read papier!]


Some thoughts on applying REST
Michael Brennan shares some thoughts on applying REST, and how it provides some opportunities for tools vendors. He describes a model that shares similar archetypes to EJBs. I suggested we work through the Java Pet Store example to see how the architecture is altered. [Via Eclectic  

Bruce Schneier inquiet de la sécurité de SOAP
Bruce Schneier publie, dans le dernier numéro de CRYPTO-GRAM, une analyse des problèmes de sécurité des produits Microsoft qui écorne .NET et SOAP. SOAP en effet contourne les firewalls en passant par HTTP... d'où le problème si les headers ne de ce protocol ne l'identifient pas comme tel... les sysadmins détestent ça!
[Via XMLfr  

CodeCon: Media Coverage and Photos 
[On infoAnarchy  

More Radio Community Stats I'd Like To See Tracked. Bis!
[Via Roland Tanglao's Weblog  

Belle journée palindromique en perspective!   

Paul Wall: Blogs (real blogs, not online diaries) typically have nowhere near the resources to compete with traditional news media. But by giving a voice to the uncredentialed masses, blogs reflect more accurately than any mass medium how pervasive dissent and skepticism are among the general American public. Blogs and their handmaidens, e-mail lists, form the tidepools of news dissemination today. Most of what I see and read of any import in institutionalized media has appeared days, weeks, or months before in leading-edge blogs (often containing feeds from e-mail lists). As both a "credentialed" ink-stained wretch with four decades of experience in traditional media and a blogger, I know how news happens in America. And the way it's happening now is via the crude but democratically available and empowering tools of the Internet. [Long and insightful quote from  The Paul Wall  

VeriSign opens up Web services road map
Bad news. How much will it cost to run a Web service that the BigCo toolkits will talk to?
[Via Hack the Planet  

Lot's of tasteful info nuggets on the Digital Identity blog:
Doing a diff of the Liberty Alliance charter members and the latest released member list, shows that the following organizations have for some reason or another left Liberty.

American Airlines, the Apache Software Foundation, Cingular Wireless, CollabNet, Dun & Bradstreet, eBay, Global Crossing, i2, Liberate Technologies, O'Reilly & Associates, Sprint, Travelocity.

I would be especially sad about losing Apache Foundation, CollabNet, O'Reilly and eBay. The three former represent developer community outreach, while the latter is apparently fully commited to it's .NET My Services alliance with Microsoft.

Indeed, another interesting observation is that Brian Behlendorf, Apache co-founder and president and CollabNet co-founder and CTO, has joined the PingID advisory board.
[Big chunk o' citation from Digital Identity  

Morgazilla râle de belle façon ce matin: L'interet de Bloglande, c'est cet enorme tas de vies non triees, ou personne n'est passe avant pour remettre en forme ou nettoyer.L'info est aussi vraie ou aussi fausse qu'entendue dans un bistrot.C'est un espace de liberte ici, et merci de le laisser dans l'etat ou il etait en entrant... Que vous l'ayez trouve joli ou pas .
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