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 Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Bonne journée de recherche et de rédaction (technique) aujourd'hui, dans le confort de ma maison... Tellement bonne que dès que la routine des bains-histoires-dodo (3x) est terminée j'y retourne. Faut pas briser le rhytme!   

The developer's dilemma
So today's developers will use one of three languages: Java, C# or VB.Net. How do these compare to C++ and VB, the languages that dominated the market five years ago? This is a terrible quote from a not-so-good article. But since its a featured commentary on ZDNet, I think its worth a look. This article has also spawned a thread on Slashdot. A mes yeux, Python semble promis à un avenir brillant, peut-être à cause de la communauté qui l'entoure ou de sa nature à mi-chemin entre le Perl et le C...
[Via Lambda the Ultimate  

Research: Operators Repeating 2G Mistakes
Says 2.5G, 3G offerings not yet attractive. Bonne question, qu'est-ce qui vous ferait utiliser votre téléphone mobile plus souvent? Utilisez les commentaires just ici... allez ne soyez pas gênés, il passe environ 200 visiteurs pas jour sur ce site, ça me fait toujours plaisir de les découvrir par leurs commentaires...
[Via allNetDevices Wireless News  

The Chicago Project: Making access to Excel data easy
As it currently stands, if you need to access Excel files under UNIX you have to write your own code to do so. There is no standard open-source library to access Excel data. This article will discuss the Chicago Project, and how it attempts to fix this problem.
[Via Advogato  

Google loves blogs!
Très intéressant, sur la relation entre les weblogs, Google et les hyperliens.   

Multiple critical PHP vulnerabilities
...multiple critical remote vulnerabilities exist in several versions of PHP. Several flaws in the way PHP handles multipart/form-data POST requests have been found. Each of the flaws could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the victim's system. Read complete article.
[Via NewsForge: Open Source News  

HTTP a barrier to Web services?
A bedrock of the Internet, HTTP is reaching its limitations and posing a major challenge for Web services, peer-to-peer applications and even security, according to a Microsoft architect.
[Via CNET News.com  

Le vocabulaire du commerce électronique en français.
Pas mal, ils ont même couvert EAI, ce que je faisais en Californie.
[Via Vincent Buck: En français svp  

Apache Xindice XML database 1.0rc2 released
Kimbro Staken writes: "The Apache Xindice team is pleased to announce the release of Apache Xindice 1.0 release candidate 2. Full source code is available under the terms of the Apache Software License and downloads are available from http://xml.apache.org/xindice/
[Via NewsForge: Open Source News  

Olivier starts with a Jason Kottke rant: Ecommerce sites that are slow, time out a lot, throw bad errors, and are generally not very pleasant to use tend to have URLs containing "jsp", "servlet", or ".jhtml" and then add his own wisdom on the subject comparing J2EE to USSR... a must read!
[Via Web Voice: biztech reality checks inflicted by Olivier Travers  

Blogging and Googling
Matt Jones discusses a new practice that ScottAndrew is using on his blog. Below each post, he has a link to search Google on the topic that his blog entry is about.
[Via The Shifted Librarian via ia/  

Microsoft to Adopt Instant Message Archiving Technology
IMlogic's archiving system, IMLog 2000, is designed to integrate with existing IM infrastructures to enable enterprises to keep a record of business conducted via IM. IMLog provides the ability to record, log, index, search, audit, and retrieve IM communications. Wow, intéressant, reste a combiner ça avec les blogs, rss, un système de membership et le email... j'y pense sérieusement!!!
[Via The Shifted Librarian]


Google Preps Distributed Searching Toolbar
A few months ago, a member suggested Google should use the toolbar as a way to do distributed computing and searching. It appears from disassemblies, that they are prepping such a system.
[Via WebmasterWorld]


MONEY - Send via Hotmail
Some 10m customers of Microsoft's Hotmail service will be able to email money to each other by next month. Tu rajouteras cette méthode à ton étude Christophe...
[Via Lockergnome Bytes  

Music site Morpheus locks out users
The file-swapping service, which many have said would be impossible for courts to shut down, shuts out most of its users, citing "technical problems."
[Via News.com  

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