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  Friday, August 19, 2005

Legal Pot?
The Denver City Council plans to review the Marijuana Initiative Monday night, accoding to Elevated Voices. They write, "On Monday, August 22, the Denver City Council will hold a hearing to discuss the Alcohol-Marijuana Equalization Initiative, which would remove criminal penalties for adult marijuana possession. Supporters of the initiative would like people to call their council member."

The Denver Post fact checks ads from both opponents and proponents of Referendums C and D [August 19, 2005, "Adwatch: Fact-checking TABOR ads"].

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Rueter-Hess Digs
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Parker Water and Sanitation is seeing costs climb for the archaelogical excavations and review at the sight of the new Rueter-Hess reservoir, according to the Denver Post [August 19, 2005, "Prehistoric dig at dam site running out of time, money"]. From the article, "Amid the weedy expanse that soon will become this growing town's reservoir, Erik Gantt and his archaeological crew are fighting a battle against time. The group from Fort Collins-based Centennial Archaeology Inc. was invited to Douglas County nearly a year ago to investigate findings that ancient people lived at the creek site southwest of Parker for thousands of years, building homes, creating artistic objects and hunting food. But budget overruns due to time-consuming discoveries on the Rueter-Hess Reservoir land have prompted the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to ask that archaeologists abandon the 6,500-year-old site early next month."

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