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  Saturday, September 24, 2005

NY Times - Times Select
Jay Rosen continues exploring the challenges facing newspapers in the 21st century. Mr. Rosen writes, "It will be easy enough to know whether it's working. How many people sign up and pay the $49.99? It will be harder to know if there's damage to the Times brand caused by the new pay walls. 'He's looking for significant numbers,' writes Editor & Publisher's Steve Outing about Martin Nisenholtz, president of New York Times Digital. 'The goal won't be met with TimesSelect subscription numbers in the tens of thousands, Nisenholtz says; it needs to be in the hundreds of thousands in the early years, and even more over the long term.' There's your scorecard."
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A picture named rita905.jpg

Here's a nice list of sources for news about Rita from 2020 Hindsight.

Random Fate: "Before I get started, though, I want to be well understood: I am NOT saying that global warming caused Katrina (or Rita). Hurricanes have occurred on this planet for millenia at least. My aim is to make clear one simple thing to those who dismiss immediately what is said by people who know what they are talking about: you should do the math first before you reject out of hand claims of ANY type, scientific or other. If you are not an expert, through exactly what arrogance do YOU think you know better than those who study a problem for most of their adult lives? First, let's see how much energy is added to seawater if the temperature of the seawater goes up two degrees Fahrenheit (roughly one degree Celsius)."

Thanks to The Moderate Voice for the link.
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Survey USA - President Bush's Approval Rating
SoapBlox Colorado is pointing to a Survey USA poll measuring the President's approval rating in Colorado. The full poll results are here.

Category: 2008 Presidential Election
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2006 State Senate
Peter Blake looks at the possibilities around Republicans regaining control of the State Senate in his column in today's Rocky Mountain News [September 24, 2005, "Blake: Why odds are against GOP recapturing state Senate"]. He writes, "Republicans may be down only one seat in the state Senate, but recapturing it will be difficult because they have more seats to defend than attack next year. That's why they may be hoping that Senate President Joan Fitz-Gerald of Golden runs for governor. If she does, and if she can talk Sen. Jim Isgar, D-Hesperus, into being her running mate, the GOP would have two open seats to pursue where they had none before...The Republicans would love to get Isgar out of the way in southwest Colorado because his challenger, Rep. Mark Larson, R-Cortez, would probably defeat whoever the Democrats put up in Isgar's place. Many Democrats like Larson for the same reason a lot of conservatives don't - he frequently bucks his party. But the GOP would be happy to have him in the Senate anyway, if only as a warm body in the caucus."

Elevated Voices: "Why would a candidate knowingly do something that will get him beat up in the press? Name I.D." Coyote Gulch mused just the other day that Marc Holtzman was at least getting a bunch of press this past week, even though much of it was negative.

Category: Denver November 2006 Election
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Call on Eagle River Water
A picture named eagleriversmall.jpg

The Colorado Water Conservation Board put a call on the Eagle River this week, according to the Rocky Mountain News [September 24, 2005, "Restriction put on Eagle River water"]. From the article, "The Colorado Water Conservation Board placed a call on Eagle River water this week, mostly to ensure that there is enough water for fish to swim in. The call essentially tells water users with junior water rights to the board to stop diverting water from the river."

Here's the coverage from the Denver Post [September 24, 2005, "Water board restricts Eagle River diversions"].

Category: Colorado Water
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Referenda C and D
The Rocky Mountain News published the first article in a series on Referendums C and D today [September 24, 2005, "In a world of hurt"]. They're focusing on the human side of the issue - how will Coloradans be effected?

Here's the link to their introduction to the series [September 24, 2005, "Through the eyes of seven families"]. The series will include: A family on the West Slope struggling to pay medical bills; A young, single professional; An entrepreneur in Sterling trying to get a new business off the ground, while her husband tries to lead local government as mayor; A senior citizen on Medicaid; A family with three daughters in college; Two "demographically typical" families with opposite views on state spending."

The Rocky is also running a FAQ about the referendums [September 24, 2005, "Q&A on Refs C and D"].

Category: Denver November 2005 Election
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