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  Saturday, October 5, 2002

No, I'm not that Fred Sampson. . .

"Google Degraded? Geeks Aghast" [Daypop Top 40] Enhancements to Google's ranking algorithm have the blog world up in arms, as formerly top-ranking bloggers bemoan their fall from grace. However, I have no complaint, as I take 4 of the top 6 spots for "Fred Sampson."

Perhaps this is an opportunity to clear the air; I am not:

  • The equestrian Fred Sampson of the English West Country;
  • The health insurance salesman Fred Sampson in Oregon;
  • The Bay-area guitar-making Fred Sampson;
  • Former Bay-area '60s era rock band member Fred Sampson;
  • The dead Indiana politician Fred Sampson Purnell;
  • The Delaware real estate salesman Fred Sampson;
  • The Arizona office of Navajo and Hopi Indian Relocation Fred Sampson;
  • The Bee Run Dam of West Virginia's Fred Sampson;
  • British Columbia Siska Indian Chief Fred Sampson;
  • California Pomo Indian Fred Sampson;
  • Popular cassette-recording preacher Fred Sampson.

I am the Fred Sampson's Radio Weblog Fred Sampson, and the Fred Sampson, Technical Writer, Fred Sampson.

Any questions?

7:34:14 PM    Questions? Comments? Flames? []

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