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  Tuesday, October 29, 2002


Handed off both of my books to production this afternoon, complete with sign-off from the product managers. One product manager, as expected, never even read the doc; the other demanded and got a PDF of the latest version before signing for it. Which one do you think I'd rather work with?

This release (PeopleTools 8.42) will be generally available (GA) in about three weeks. Meanwhile, I have minor updates to another doc that goes out in December, some training to catch up on, and the next release to look at.

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Tara recognized

Tara Sue Grubb, Libertarian candidate for congress from North Carolina, got some serious coverage from her local newspaper, according to Ed Cone. The recognition is in part for her ideas, but also because she's the first political candidate using a weblog.

I donated to Tara's campaign, and to Jennifer Medlock's by way of ordering the Ladies of Liberty calendar, which arrived last week. Tara has promised to send me a t-shirt, so I sent her a few more bucks.

Is it at all curious that I care more about two candidates campaigning for local office clear across the country? Our choices in California are between Tweedledum and Tweedledee for Governor; our congressional districts are gerrymandered beyond all logic of representation; our Senators aren't up for election this year (unfortunately). No wonder the revolution taking place in North Carolina draws my interest.

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