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  Thursday, October 24, 2002

Headaches and more headaches

Don't you just love deadlines? How about deadlines with new production procedures? How about deadlines with new procedures and the server's being upgraded two days before production starts? And it's already crashed once?

Suffice to say I've lost 2-1/2 days of the last ten to problems with the content management software and its server. Tuesday night I couldn't sleep, was up at 1:30 a.m. to make sure I could check out my entire book, fix some errors, and check it back in before everyone else started working with they system Wednesday morning. It succeeded and didn't crash, so I felt much better. Still, it's down to the wire with last-minute doc updates, new macros to run, procedures being written on the fly. Ain't it fun?

And then one project manager starts complaining that the draft release notes don't say enough about his product--after I asked him twice for input on what to say! This guy's toxic, shouldn't be managing other people.

And meanwhile my 4-year-old ViewSonic GT775 monitor is on its last legs, apparently. During my sleepless Wednesday morning I thought I'd isolated the problem to the graphics card in my Win2K box. All the input/output runs through a Belkin KVM switch, so I bypassed the switch and put the monitor straight to the Win2K box: no picture. Plug it into the Linux box, picture. So it must be the graphics card. Called my friend at Grand Central Computer, ordered another card.

Today, while using the Linux box for my everyday tasks, the monitor starts acting up again--click click, fade, sproing, fade, back to normal. Time for another experiment: take down the Win2K box, put monitor, mouse, keyboard to it directly, reboot: voila! it works. So it must be the monitor. Phooey.

Now, I really want a flat-screen LCD monitor, big, but can't justify the exhorbitant pricing. But if I have to buy a new monitor anyway, that's what it will be. Any suggestions?

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