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  Monday, October 7, 2002


"Things are more like they are now than they ever were before."

Quotes of the Day attributes this quote to Dwight D. Eisenhower; I've been quoting a similar line ("Things are more different now than they ever have been before") to Dan Quayle--but haven't found it in Danforth's collected quotes. I may have been accusing the wrong politician. But no one can beat His Presidentness Mr. Bush.

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Pluto demoted

A discovery by Caltech astronomers, announced in New Scientist, effectively demotes Pluto from 9th planet to a large Kuiper belt object along with the newly-discovered Quaoar (don't ask me what it means!). That's interesting enough, but check out this animated graphic of the orbits in question. See the little jitterbug at the center? That's Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars zooming around the sun! Those Caltech boys have some sense of humor, eh?

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